Friday, April 22, 2005


RLWHF Pitchers

I finally have the qualifications for the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame regarding pitchers. Starting pitchers require 175 WS to be considered for induction, and to get in automatically their JAWS score must clear 50. Basically this came from looking at a few pitchers, notably Bret Saberhagen, David Cone, Chuck Finley, Frank Viola, and Danny Darwin. Darwin's JAWS score of 54.45 seemed reasonable for auto induction, but rather high to gauge against considering Lankford's is 52...I know he is a hitter, but remember what this project is titled.

How am I going to gauge closers? Well, Jay Jaffe gauges the value of a relief pitcher in the Hall of Fame as 70% of the starting pitchers value, bringing them to a JAWS score of 48.5 on average versus the 69.4 of starters in Cooperstown. I will do the same, soooo here we go; 70% of 50 = 35. Relievers with a JAWS score of over 35 make it into the RLWHF, but I think I'll lower it to JAWS score of 33. 35 seems rather high for some reason, and I already lowered it from 52 to 50 for starters. Win Shares are not as much of a factor here, although I believe every closer on my list sans Mike Henneman passed 100 career Win Shares.

Make sure you read Dan Scotto's guest article today; he is now a writer at Baseball Rants, and will move with the site on its travels to Sportsblog Nation. By the way, Beyond the Boxscore will be the new name of the site when it moves, but this page will be kept up to navigate readers to there if they get the old URL. I'll obviously tell the readers when the time to move is coming.

Another note, I was contacted for a link exchange by Coast To Coast Tickets, and there link can be found on the sidebar titled Buy Baseball Tickets. Make sure you give that site a look when you want to buy some tickets to see a game, as they have tickets for all teams. I'll get back to posting either later tonight or tomorrow morning, once I have these starting pitchers done.

One final note, after calculating Bert Blyleven's JAWS score and seeing his Win Shares total, I'm going to write an article on him that will be reposted until he's in Cooperstown or off the ballot...and maybe a few times after that. Here's a preview: Average HOF pitchers have a JAWS score of 69.4... Blyleven's is 91. That's not even close...for kicks, let's compare that to Nolan Ryan: 81.5. I'll get into this in much more detail later...I knew it was a travesty but now I'm floored. I'll compare other figures as well to state my case.

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