Friday, April 08, 2005


The Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame

The Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame is a place for the "no real shot at the Hall of Fame, but a great career nonetheless" players, like Lankford. This was inspired by Lankford's entry in the Baseball Prospectus 2005 book, and many individuals and books helped make this project of mine come to a close:

And with that, here are the members of the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame, updated every time there is a new inductee:

Mickey Tettleton, C, 184 WS, 50.3 JAWS
Wally Schang, C 245 WS, 48.8 JAWS
Darrell Porter, C 222 WS, 59.35 JAWS
Jim Sundberg, C 200 WS, 59.15 JAWS
Fred Tenney, C 249 WS, 50.75 JAWS
Bob Boone, C 210 WS, 51.55 JAWS
Sherm Lollar, C 209 WS, 51.55 JAWS
Gene Tenace, C 231 WS, 57.15 JAWS
Thurman Munson, 206 WS, 60.0 JAWS
Joe Torre, C 315 WS, 71.45 JAWS
Bill Freehan, C 267 WS, 58.3 JAWS
Elston Howard, C 203 WS, 51.2 JAWS
Lance Parrish, C 248 WS, 68.1 JAWS
Ted Simmons, C 315 WS, 70.85 JAWS

First Base
Mo Vaughn, 1B/DH, 200 WS, 49.15 JAWS
Don Mattingly, 1B 263 WS, 71.55 JAWS
Cecil Cooper, 1B, 241 WS, 52.4 JAWS
George Scott, 1B 216 WS, 50.75 JAWS
Keith Hernandez, 1B 311 WS, 69.8 JAWS
Harry Stovey, 1B 265 WS, 50.65 JAWS
Gil Hodges, 1B 263 WS, 58.6 JAWS
Wally Joyner, 1B 253 WS, 52.3 JAWS
Steve Garvey, 1B 279 WS, 60.65 JAWS
Bill Buckner, 1B 226 WS, 41.3 JAWS
Fred McGriff, 1B 341 WS, 70.45 JAWS
Mike Hargrove, 1B 212 WS, 49 JAWS
Boog Powell, 1B 282 WS, 48 JAWS
Ed Konetchy, 1B 287 WS, 52.35 JAWS
Mark Grace, 1B 294 WS, 62.2 JAWS
Joe Judge, 1B 270 WS, 46.55 JAWS
Jake Daubert, 1B 263 WS, 49.45 JAWS
Will Clark, 1B 331 WS, 72.95 JAWS
Mickey Vernon, 1B 296 WS 53.65 JAWS
Dolph Camilli, 1B 224 WS, 57.65 JAWS
Norm Cash, 1B 315 WS, 68.6 JAWS
Dick Allen, 1B 342 WS, 68.15 JAWS
Andres Galarraga, 1B 251 WS, 41.7 JAWS
Kent Hrbek, 1B 230 WS, 57.7 JAWS
Ron Fairly, 1B 269 WS, 50.6 JAWS
Bill White, 1B 209 WS, 50.3 JAWS

Second Base
Frank White, 2B, 211 WS, 54.9 JAWS
Buddy Myer, 2B 258 WS, 49.55 JAWS

Bobby Grich, 2B 329 WS, 81.4 JAWS
Willie Randolph, 2B 312 WS, 72.2 JAWS
Joe Gordon, 2B 242 WS, 63.2 JAWS
Dick McAuliffe, 2B 241 WS, 44.85 JAWS
Lou Whitaker, 2B 351 WS, 78.75 JAWS
Larry Doyle, 2B 289 WS, 42.25 JAWS
Davey Lopes, 2B 240 WS, 51.6 JAWS
Cupid Childs, 2B 238 WS, 53.35 JAWS
Del Pratt, 2B 242 WS, 52.85 JAWS
Hardy Richardson, 230 WS, 54.05 JAWS
Buddy Myer, 2B 258 WS, 49.55 JAWS
Joe Gordon, 2B 242 WS, 63.2 JAWS
Chuck Knoblauch, 2B 231 WS, 58.6 JAWS
Lonny Frey, 2B 208 WS, 52.85 JAWS

Third Base
Todd Zeile, 3B, 217 WS, 43.35 JAWS
Bob Elliot, 3B 287 WS, 62.25 JAWS
Matt Williams, 3B 241 WS, 59.35 JAWS
Tim Wallach, 3B 248 WS, 60.85 JAWS
Sal Bando, 3B 283 WS, 55.75 JAWS
Robin Ventura, 3B 266 WS, 71.95 JAWS
Ken Boyer, 3B 279 WS, 70.05
Gary Gaetti, 3B 249 WS, 58.75 JAWS
Eddie Yost, 3B 267 WS, 47.45 JAWS
Ken Caminiti, 3B 242 WS, 59.25 JAWS
Graig Nettles, 3B 321 WS, 69.8 JAWS
Deacon White, 3B 180 WS, 61.15 JAWS
Harlond Clift, 3B 216 WS, 58.35 JAWS
Darrell Evans, 3B 363 WS, 75.55 JAWS
Deacon White, 3B 190 WS, 61.15 JAWS
Toby Harrah, 3B 287 WS, 59.1 JAWS
Bobby Bonilla, 3B 267 WS, 59.65 JAWS
Stan Hack, 3B 316 WS, 65.85 JAWS
Jimmy Williams, 3B 207 WS, 49.75 JAWS
Carney Lansford, 3B 244 WS, 51.3 JAWS
Ron Santo, 3B 324 WS, 84.25 JAWS
Heinie Groh, 3B 272 WS, 61.25 JAWS
Travis Fryman, 3B 199 WS, 52.55 JAWS
Buddy Bell, 3B 301 WS, 73.75 JAWS
Ron Cey, 3B 280 WS, 65.45 JAWS
Lave Cross, 3B 278 WS, 53.3 JAWS
Larry Gardner, 3B 258 WS, 45.2 JAWS
Bill Madlock, 3B 242 WS, 45.25 JAWS
Don Money, 3B 197 WS, 47.2 JAWS

Jim Fregosi, SS, 261 WS, 53.25 JAWS
Bert Campaneris, SS 280 WS, 61.4 JAWS
Dave Concepcion, SS 269 Win Shares, 69 JAWS
Jack Glasscock, SS 261 WS, 64.1 JAWS
Bill Dahlen, SS 394 WS, 79.15 JAWS
Art Fletcher, SS 218 WS, 49.7 JAWS
Dick Bartell, SS 252 WS, 63.65 JAWS
Alan Trammell, SS 318 WS, 81.3 JAWS
Maury Wills, SS 253 WS, 54.9 JAWS
Jay Bell, SS 245 WS, 62.4 JAWS
Tony Fernandez, SS 280 WS, 70.25 JAWS
Dave Bancroft, SS 269 WS, 53.35 JAWS
Dick Groat, SS 225 WS, 55.2 JAWS
Hughie Jennings, SS 214 WS, 58.85 JAWS
Chris Speier, SS 206 WS, 55.4 JAWS
Vern Stephens, SS 265 WS, 59.3 JAWS

Left Field
Ray Lankford, LF, 227 WS, 52 JAWS
Roy White, LF 263 WS, 59.85 JAWS
Greg Luzinski, LF 247 WS, 44.65 JAWS
Jim Rice, LF 282 WS, 63.15 JAWS
Joe Jackson, LF 294 WS, 55.6 JAWS
George Foster, LF 269 WS, 62.9 JAWS
Jose Cruz Sr., LF 313 WS, 63.75 JAWS
Frank Howard, LF 297 WS, 55.6 JAWS
Brian Downing, LF 298 WS, 62.75 JAWS
Minnie Minoso, LF 283 WS, 59.3 JAWS
Sherry Magee, LF 354 WS, 56.05 JAWS
Charlie Keller, LF 218 WS, 55.5 JAWS
Albert Belle, LF 243 WS, 69.75 JAWS
Kirk Gibson, LF 218 WS, 52.5 JAWS
Joe Carter, LF 240 WS, 47.65 JAWS
Dusty Baker, LF 245 WS, 52.85 JAWS
Tony Phillips, LF 268 WS, 69.85 JAWS
George Burns, LF 290 WS, 54.5 JAWS
Augie Galan, LF 263 WS, 55.25 JAWS
Bob Johnson, LF 287 WS, 66.4 JAWS
Jimmy Sheckard, LF 339 WS, 59.85 JAWS
Bobby Veach, LF 265 WS, 56.35 JAWS

Center Field
Ellis Burks, CF, 260 WS, 55.7 JAWS
Willie Davis, CF 322 WS, 65.2 JAWS
Brett Butler, CF 295 WS, 74.14 JAWS
Andy Van Slyke, CF 231 WS, 59.15 JAWS
George Van Haltren, CF 344 WS, 56.66 JAWS
Jimmy Wynn, CF 305 WS, 63.2 JAWS
Brady Anderson, CF 214 WS, 56.4 JAWS
Fred Lynn, CF 280 WS, 64.95 JAWS
Devon White, CF 207 WS, 57.4 JAWS
Reggie Smith, CF 325 WS, 61.65 JAWS
Cesar Cedeno, CF 296 WS, 64.7 JAWS
Amos Otis, CF 286 WS, 60.3 JAWS
Lenny Dykstra, CF 201 WS, 51 JAWS (VOTED IN)
Curt Flood, CF 221 WS, 55.8 JAWS
Roy Thomas, CF 260 WS, 52.7 JAWS
Dom Dimaggio, CF 220 WS, 57.7 JAWS
George Gore, CF 250 WS, 63.05 JAWS
George Grantham, CF 245 WS, 55.6 JAWS
Paul Hines, CF 249 WS, 61.65 JAWS
Fielder Jones, CF 290 WS, 59.35 JAWS
Tommy Leach, CF 328 WS, 52.6 JAWS
Chet Lemon, CF 265 WS, 64.7 JAWS
Al Oliver, CF 305 WS, 55.65 JAWS
Vada Pinson, CF 321 WS, 62.5 JAWS
Jimmy Ryan, CF 316 WS, 57.3 JAWS
Willie Wilson, CF 237 WS, 55.4 JAWS

Right Field
Eric Davis, RF, 224 WS, 55.2 JAWS
Bobby Bonds, RF 302 WS, 66.25 JAWS
Ken Griffey Sr., RF 259 WS, 48.8 JAWS
Roger Maris, RF 223 WS, 44.35 JAWS
Rocky Colavito, RF 273 WS, 57.85 JAWS
Mike Tiernan, RF 251 WS, 47.45 JAWS
Rusty Staub, RF 358 WS, 67.45 JAWS
Babe Herman, RF 232 WS, 50.9 JAWS
Jack Clark, RF 316 WS, 59.2 JAWS
David Justice, RF 233 WS, 49.2 JAWS
Darryl Strawberry, RF 252 WS, 53.85 JAWS
Dwight Evans, RF 347 WS, 77.5 JAWS
Andre Dawson, RF 340 WS, 71.5 JAWS
Paul O’Neill, RF 259 WS, 67.7 JAWS
Pedro Guerrero, RF 246 WS, 50.8 JAWS
Tony Oliva, RF 245 WS, 50.95 JAWS
Johnny Callison, RF 241 WS, 55.65 JAWS
Felipe Alou, RF 241 WS, 45.95 JAWS
Bobby Murcer, RF 277 WS, 52.9 JAWS
George Hendrick, RF 237 WS, 51.25 JAWS
Bill Nicholson, RF 223 WS, 56.55 JAWS
Dave Parker, RF 327 WS, 60.35 JAWS
Ken Singleton, RF 302 WS, 65.45 JAWS
Dixie Walker, RF 278 WS, 52.55 JAWS

Designated Hitters
Hal McRae, DH, 230 WS, 46.7 JAWS
Don Baylor, DH 262 WS, 52.9 JAWS
Harold Baines, DH 307 WS, 65.75 JAWS
Jose Canseco, DH 272 WS, 61.2 JAWS
Chili Davis, DH 285 WS, 57.4 JAWS

Starting Pitchers
Kevin Appier, SP 189 WS, 66.2 JAWS
Vida Blue, SP 202 WS, 55.05 JAWS
Bert Blyleven, SP 339 WS, 91 JAWS
Harry Brecheen, SP 173 WS, 50.55 JAWS
Ted Breitenstein, SP 212 WS, 51.9 JAWS
Tommy Bridges, SP 225 WS, 54.35 JAWS
Lew Burdette, SP 178 WS, 50.5 JAWS
Tom Candiotti, SP 158 WS, 52.15 JAWS
Eddie Cicotte, SP 247 WS, 53.5 JAWS
David Cone, SP 205 WS, 62.4 JAWS
Danny Darwin, SP 182 WS, 54.5 JAWS
Paul Derringer, SP 231 WS, 54.3 JAWS
Murry Dickson, SP 204 WS, 62.45 JAWS
Wes Ferrell, SP 233 WS, 62.2 JAWS
Chuck Finley, SP 213 WS, 67.15 JAWS
Larry French, SP 218 WS, 50.05 JAWS
Bob Friend, SP 207 WS, 61.15 JAWS
Ned Garver, SP 166 WS, 59.3 JAWS
Dwight Gooden, SP 187 WS, 59.15 JAWS
Mark Gubicza, SP 141 WS, 52.35 JAWS
Ron Guidry, SP 174 WS, 53.5 JAWS
Mel Harder, SP 234 WS, 56.55 JAWS
Orel Hershiser, SP 210 WS, 66.4 JAWS
Charlie Hough, SP 233 WS, 65.15 JAWS
Larry Jackson, SP 225 WS, 61.9 JAWS
Tommy John, SP 289 WS, 69.2 JAWS
Jim Kaat, SP 268 WS, 63.55 JAWS
Jimmy Key, SP 188 WS, 61.5 JAWS
Jerry Koosman, SP 240 WS, 57.65 JAWS
Mark Langston, SP 184 WS, 60.1 JAWS
Dutch Leonard, SP 233 WS, 61.7 JAWS
Mickey Lolich, SP 224 WS, 56.35 JAWS
Red Lucas, SP 194 WS, 50.75 JAWS
Dolf Luque, SP 241 WS, 50.15 JAWS
Dennis Martinez, SP 233 WS, 65.1 JAWS
Carl Mays, SP 256 WS, 51.1 JAWS
Jack Morris, SP 225 WS, 62.85 JAWS
Don Newcombe, SP 176 WS, 50.7 JAWS
Bobo Newsom, SP 237 WS, 56.9 JAWS
Claude Osteen, SP 201 WS, 54.3 JAWS
Camilo Pascual, SP 175 WS, 56.15 JAWS
Claude Passeau, SP 189 WS, 57.7 JAWS
Jim Perry, SP 205 WS, 51.8 JAWS
Billy Pierce, SP 248 WS, 62.9 JAWS
Jack Quinn, SP 287 WS, 52.45 JAWS
Rick Reuschel, SP 240 WS, 74.55 JAWS
Steve Rogers, SP 182 WS, 51.05 JAWS
Eddie Rommel, SP 209 WS, 53.6 JAWS
Nap Rucker, SP 177 WS, 52.05 JAWS
Bret Saberhagen, SP 193 WS, 66.25 JAWS
Urban Shocker, SP 225 WS, 57.5 JAWS
Curt Simmons, SP 210 WS, 52.35 JAWS
Dave Stieb, SP 210 WS, 67.25 JAWS
Frank Tanana, SP 241 WS, 74.1 JAWS
Luis Tiant, SP 256 WS, 65.9 JAWS
Virgil Trucks, SP 198 WS, 50.8 JAWS
George Uhle, SP 231 WS, 51.95 JAWS
Fernando Valenzuela, SP 168 WS, 54.15 JAWS
Frank Viola, SP 187 WS, 59.6 JAWS
Bucky Walters, SP 251 WS, 66.7 JAWS
Lon Warneke, SP 220 WS, 56.85 JAWS
Bob Welch, SP 188 WS, 54.2 JAWS
Wilbur Wood, SP 190 WS, 60.5 JAWS

Relief Pitchers
Rick Aguilera, RP 147 WS, 45.5 JAWS
Steve Bedrosian, RP 119 WS, 34.35 JAWS
Dave Giusti, RP 118 WS, 34.3 JAWS
Goose Gossage, RP 223 WS, 59.45 JAWS
Tom Henke, RP 140 WS, 41.4 JAWS
Mike Henneman, RP 98 WS, 33.55 JAWS
Willie Hernandez, RP 109 WS, 35.75 JAWS
Mike Jackson, RP 124 WS, 36.6 JAWS
Mike Marshall, RP 146 WS, 47.65 JAWS
Tug McGraw, RP 158 WS, 40.7 JAWS
Stu Miller, RP 154 WS, 44.5 JAWS
Greg Minton, RP 111 WS, 35.35 JAWS
Jeff Montgomery, RP 134 WS, 45.3 JAWS
Robb Nenn, Rp 120 WS, 41.85 JAWS
Gregg Olson, RP 98 WS, 35.3 JAWS
Jesse Orosco, RP 140 WS, 44.45 JAWS
Ron Perranoski, RP 125 WS, 35.55 JAWS
Dan Plesac, RP 113 WS, 36.15 JAWS
Dan Quisenberry, RP 157 WS, 47.1 JAWS
Dick Radatz, RP 84 WS, 33.55 JAWS
Jeff Reardon, RP 157 WS, 41.9 JAWS
Lee Smith, RP 198 WS, 56.15 JAWS
Bob Stanley, RP 149 WS, 46.3 JAWS
Bruce Sutter, RP 168 WS, 44.4 JAWS
Kent Tekulve, RP 159 WS, 46.6 JAWS

John Wetteland, RP 130 WS, 43.65 JAWS

Here are the links for posts regarding the RLWHF (just know the first few reached their sell by date during the project itself):

What about Rico Petrocelli and Johnny Pesky for shortstops and Dom DiMaggio for center field?
Dom Dimaggio is there at CF...Pesky's WS and JAWS didn't make the cut; I actually had him in the original filter lineup I created, but due to the massive volume of players who fit that criteria I needed to replace him with someone with better numbers. If I remember correctly Petrocelli just missed out, but I threw him on the elected ballot for later. Make sure when the site moves you vote for him!
Nice job. I've always liked players like this and being a big Cardinals fan, I was super happy to see Ray get some respect. Plus Ted Simmons, Clete Boyer, Curt Flood, Andy Van Slyke, Todd Zeile. Darrell Porter, Keith Hernandez, and Jack Clark are all on there. I'm sad Willie McGee didn't make the cut. I looked up his numbers and realized he probably doesn't belong, but I'd love to see his number retired. Not to nitpick but you've got Bobby Grich at first base instead of second. Great job.
Eric Karros?
Grich fixed...I must've glanced at something on his DT Card sideways and thrown him in by accident. I was sad Willie McGee didn't make it as well, even though he only spent a year in Boston.

I believe Eric Karros also just missed (a career WARP3 of 54.3 requires a massive peak to make up for it) but I tossed him on the voting list.
Jim Bottomley is in the Hall of Fame.
Whoops on Jim Bottomley...but is that more of a mistake by me or by Cooperstown, considering he has WS and JAWS scores on a par with Wally Joyner? I'll take him out.
Will there be an induction 5 years after a player retires or directly after? And will players who do make the HOF be removed?
I'm pretty sure, since I'm using statistics and acting like a cold hearted bastard towards some of these guys, that I can induct them almost immediately upon retiring since I won't let those bad emotions get in the way...

I will remove them (them being Bert Blyleven, Will Clark, Goose Gossage and others if it somehow miraculously happens, and believe me I'm hoping for it) if they get inducted into Cooperstown. I mean I'm sure they'd be disapointed at leaving this fine establishment, but I don't have plaques, so Cooperstown wins. If I get plaques its all over though.
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