Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Obligatory Rantings

Normally, I try and steal from one of my favorite writers, Bill Simmons, and try and start my columns with something witty or satirical to peak your interest and grab your attention. I digress from this trend, and start my article with a giant WTF.

Man, that felt good. Onto the rantings.

Patterson works in the leadoff spot for a few reasons, being that he IS one of the better hitters on the team, and then is on base for the regular #2 guy and Ramirez-Lee.

Bellhorn led off in Chicago before Patterson in 2002, so Dusty likes to have a quality hitter at the of the few things I like about him.
I'm much less opposed to Corey Patterson up top than I am to Neifi Perez playing period. I don't understand why you have Hairston if you won't use him here... heck even Mike Fontenot would be a better choice.

Oh and I'm waiting for Teix to wake up as well.
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