Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Obligatory Rantings

As part of my new, what I intend to be weekly columns, I'm going to be filling the role of the obligatory ranter. A lot of things happen over the week, and I'm going to take the time to address them here in as long winded and caustically sardonic fashion as humanly possible.

Now, not to get off on a rant, but am I the only one sick of the apocalypse talks after 2 losses to the Yankees? I didn't even want to get out of bed on Monday morning for fear of reading headlines like "Who's your daddy, and 2004: Long gone". It was 2 freaking games, both hinging on just one player on either side. Arguably, Matsui won the first game more than David Wells lost it (robbing the home run and hitting a homerun), and he won the second game with 3 hits and another homerun, regardless of Jeter's walkoff. So I'm not crying the end of the world because Wells looked shaky, and Johnson looked good, or because Pavano was consistent, and Clement got no run support.

With that said, I appreciate Edgar Renteria doing his best to make me look as intelligent as possible for saying he was a bad pickup. 2 errors that arguably cost the Red Sox the game, 0 for I believe 8 so far in Yankee Stadium. When you come to Boston, you're greatness is measured in 2 ways. How well you perform, and how well you perform against the Yankees. Booting balls and leaving runners on base is a surefire way to get the Boston media to love you. Love nomar, hate nomar, he was there when you needed him.

And what's with Francona leaving in Trot Nixon to face Mike Stanton. We know Trot can't hit lefties to save his life, it's why you started Jay Payton yesterday, so why would he be able to do it with 1st and 3rd and the game on the line? Why not pinch hit Payton, and let Torre either leave Stanton in, or bring in Quantrill? At least at that point it's a crap shoot, and not a preordained out from Trot.

What in the name of God was Braden Looper thinking last night? Did anyone else watch that at bat against Adam Dunn? Dunn absolutely tattooed the first 2 fastballs he saw foul. Why, in the name of all that is holy, would you throw him a third fastball? Say what you want about Adam Dunn, but he's not going to miss the same meatball three times in a row, and he didn't; he destroyed the pitch, and Looper made the same mistake to Randa one pitch later. So who do you blame? Looper for throwing it, Piazza for calling for it? I blame Omar Minaya, and you should too.

38 minor leaguers positive for steroids, including a 3rd time offender for Oakland, and Damian Moss, former fantasy darling for the Atlanta Braves. Our image of what a steroid user might be is evolving, and as it evolves, it moves away from the sluggers, and toward your everyday players, and that's just going to make it worse for baseball.

Seriously, I hate this apocalypse talk, but if it is coming, I know i saw the first sign yesterday. Skip Bayless picked the Red Sox to win the world series.

If I were you, I'd stock up on the canned food...

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