Saturday, April 23, 2005


NL Roundup

Time for the first National League roundup of the year, with the AL's second posted next weekend. I have a lot of ideas for articles today, so I might post another or wait until tomorrow; either way today is a busy baseball day for me because I am going to run through the list of pitchers for the RLWHF until I'm done, and then post all of them into the hall. You could get anywhere from 2-4 posts today, but I might save some for tomorrow and Monday, since there is no rush on a few of them. On to the NL standings:

NL East Actual Standings:

1. Florida 10-7 (.588) 81 RS, 46 RA
2. Atlanta 9-8 (.529) 59 RS, 57 RA
3. New York 9-8 (.529) 80 RS, 67 RA
4. Washington 9-8 (.529) 68 RA, 81 RA
5. Philadelphia 8-9 (.471) 78 RS, 92 RA

NL East Pythagenport Standings:

1. Florida (.863)
2. New York (.645)
3. Atlanta (.527)
4. Philadelphia (.361)
5. Washington (.357)

Sorry Philadelphia, you are just playing poorly. In fact, your playing over your head right now...Florida's insane winning percentage for their pythagenport standings almost reflects the 7-3 run they are on right now; their actual record is marred by the fact that they won their first three shutouts but lost the rest of their games. Once they started hitting better they started winning; that is a dangerous team. Atlanta is playing ,500 ball in actual and pythagenport standings, and this trend should continue until Andruw Jones breaks out of his funk and Andy Marte is called up, while Langerhaans is actually used some. Get Raul Mondesi and Brian Jordan out of there, even with military force if necessary. Washington needs Brad Wilkerson to hit for the cycle daily. The Mets? Well once they figure out if their the dominant one or have a fetish to be dominated, then we'll know what to think of them.

NL Central Actual Standings

1. St. Louis 10-5 (.667) 74 RS, 59 RA
2. Houston 8-8 (.500) 70 RS, 59 RA
3. Chicago Cubs 8-8 (.500) 76 RS, 68 RA
4. Cincinnati 8-8 (.500) 65 RS, 77 RA
5. Milwaukee 6-10 (.375) 72 RS, 66 RA
6. Pittsburgh 5-11 (.313) 47 RS, 89 RA

NL Central Pythagenport Standings

1. St. Louis (.682)
2. Houston (.638)
3. Chicago (.593)
4. Milwaukee (.572)
5. Cincinnati (.361)
6. Pittsburgh (.106)

The first two stay the same, although we see Houston is playing more poorly than their rates show. Chicago might be worrying about simply keeping up with their actual standings now that Nomar Garciaparra is going to be out atleast 2-3 months, and possibly the season if surgery is necessary. Milwaukee has a nifty .572 win percentage in their pythagenport standings; I just wish they would start to play real ball like it. That city deserves a break from the atrocities of bad baseball, especially with the work Doug Melvin has done piecing the current team and minor league system together. Cincinnati is lacking the offense that was necessary to win with the poor pitching they have; oddly enough, the pitching seems more succesful than the offense at this point. If Pittsburgh was a major league hitter rather than a team, Neifi Perez would be making fun of them for their low average. Normal Neifi that is, not 2005 uber-Chicago Neifi who has had his body inhabited by an alien life form. The time will come when his experiments with Perez's body end, and Neifi returns to his old free swinging mostly useless human form.

NL West Actual Standings

1. Los Angeles 12-4 (.750) 93 RS, 67 RA
2. Arizona 9-8 (.529) 77 RS, 91 RA
3. San Diego 8-9 (.471) 78 RS, 72 RA
4. San Francisco 7-9 (.438) 77 RS, 85 RA
5. Colorado 5-11 (.313) 83 RS, 102 RA

NL West Pythagenport Standings

1. Los Angeles (.756)
2. San Diego (.566)
3. San Francisco (.415)
4. Arizona (.360)
5. Colorado (.325)

Well Los Angeles is playing good baseball because, survey says...they are good. Kudos to DePo, and so far I think half the members of the DePo Hater's Club have apologized for their wrongful statements. In order to make the apologies more real, I think they should write heartfelt letters to Eric Neel detailing why they were wrong in their preseason assesment. Granted its early, but I hate people who hate DePo just because of what he thinks. Maybe its the stathead in me talking (gee I wonder). San Diego is a better club than they have played so far, and if Brian Giles can just raise his batting average some that would help as well. Also if Sean Burroughs would disapear and Xavier Nady could play third, that would be much appreciated by all who are not also in the NL West. San Francisco is in desperate need of that Bonds guy. Arizona sucks, plain and simple. I don't care what their real record is. Poor Colorado looks like they have not figured anything out with the fountain of youth yet. Dan O'Dowd, give me a call, I got a plan for you...not like you guys have anything to lose.

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