Thursday, April 14, 2005


I've Got It...I think....

I think I have it figured out, as to what the qualifications are going to be for automatic induction into the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame. Ray Lankford has 227 Win Shares in his career (and if he adds anymore it is likely the number will only top 230) and a JAWS score of 52 on the nose. What does it all mean Basil? Well, I think since the RLWHF is named after Ray Lankford, you should only get automatic induction if you happen to be, well, as good as Ray Lankford. Which means I have a lot of research and math to do, but at least I do not have to figure out exactly what number of hits or steals or what not goes into the equation. Two, easy and shiny numbers for me to figure it out is what I'll use. On that note...the RLWHF is not official or accurate yet, because I have to weed out anyone I might have assumed belongs in...I want this to be perfect, and without any blemishes. I might even split it up into a "Elected" and "Merit" sections or something silly to that effect. The elected members do not have to be Ray Lankford in order to join the RLWHF, because if only guys like Lankford were in the number of guys would be too small (I could be understating but I don't feel like looking that up), but they do have to be players we (as in reader and slightly crazed sportswriter) agree on as far as career achievments go. I do not think I will have to do much editing to the current form of the RLWHF, but just know that a few names will probably be taken out. I have not figured out a way to gauge the pitchers yet though, so no one there will move. I can use Win Shares and then find another statistic (I'll see if Jay Jaffe has done anything with pitchers) but I need to find the player to use as the benchmark. If I pick David Cone or the like the standard could be too high, where as if I go with a Danny Darwin it could be too low...know what I mean? If anyone has any suggestions feel free to chime in at any time.

Of course, as good as Ray Lankford is a relative term. Catchers will not be punished for not being as good at hitting as Ray Lankford, but instead I have to find the JAWS qualifications I used in the Tim Raines article yesterday and see what the differences are between Catcher and Left Field and Left Field and First Base and so I have my work cut out for me. Or I could do this instead; set a position player for each position as the gauge for each position. I do not have to pick the best player, just one who will keep me from embarassing myself.

Just so we can see what the relative difference between Cooperstown Hall of Famers position by position are, here are Jaffe's figures:

Position and JAWS
C - 68.1
1B- 70.7
2B- 70.4
3B- 71.2
SS- 71.9
LF- 73.3
CF- 77.6
RF- 76.8

So we can see here that the catchers I select can be (relative to Ray Lankford at LF with a 52 JAWS) about 5-6 JAWS points less. This applies to everyone else as well. Of course with the sample of players I have and the fact I'm doing this now, it won't be the same as Jaffe's numbers above; for example, my catcher had a better JAWS career than my first basemen. That point brings us to here:

C - Mickey Tettleton (184 Win Shares; 50.3 JAWS)
1B - Mo Vaughn (200 Win Shares; 49.15 JAWS)
2B - Frank White (211 Win Shares; 54.9 JAWS)
3B - Todd Zeile (217 Win Shares; 43.35 JAWS)
SS - Jim Fregosi (261 WS, 53.25 JAWS)
LF - Ray Lankford (227 Win Shares; 52 JAWS)
CF - Ellis Burks (260 Win Shares; 55.7 JAWS)
RF - Eric Davis (224 Win Shares; 55.2 JAWS)
DH - Hal McRae ( 230 Win Shares; 46.7 JAWS)

Another note, as I was figuring the JAWS score I noticed that Will Clark would be a slightly above average first basemen in Cooperstown with a JAWS score over 72...go figure huh? Just more stuff to write about come inductions in the summer.

Take that team I just made in its prime and it would be pretty hard to beat by the way.

So now that I have this list, what do I get to do? Sift through all the players who are currently in as well as the 275-300 names on my computer right now to see who is eligible. Luckily, this will be great when it is completed, especially now that I am not just throwing guys in on a whim.

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