Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I've Got It!

With my partner Matt Kizner taking over the ranting portion of the website, I have decided that I am going to lean heavily on statistical articles for awhile and see how it turns out. That way, the baseball fan who does not always want to see numbers alone has something to read as well as the stathead that hides in each and every one of you...except Buster Olney.

Matt and I will do our best to both post daily, and if that is not possible, at least intertwine our posts in order to give you something to read everyday. I just might have to work a bit longer on my articles considering the statistical nature of them. This is being done for a reason, which might be explained in the future.

You will still see the same sarcasm and anti-whoever sentiment from me, but I'll use stats often and sometimes try to find new ways of thinking about things...I did not say I would invent a new stat or stats, but atleast apply them usefully (I hope).

This is not really a shift in direction for the site, but more a shakeup for which of us writers is doing what in order to give both of us a feel for specifics rather than banking on random topics. As hard as it may be to believe, it is much easier to write in the offseason than in-season, but we will do our best to keep you entertained on all levels. I feel I need a sense of structure, especially since I am splitting time at Heads/Tails as well as Baseball Rants.

Thank you for reading, and please come back often!

-Marc Normandin

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