Friday, April 01, 2005



Congratulations to Billy Beane, new minority owner of the Oakland Athletics. Beane also received a contract extension through 2012, thanks to new A's principle owner Lewis Wolff, whose purchase of the team was finalized today. It'll be interesting to see Beane's moves if he has a little extra revenue to work with, since we know what he can do with one of the lower payrolls in baseball. Maybe it will allow him to keep a Miguel Tejada next time around (although I still feel he made the right decision in keeping Eric Chavez around instead). Bobby Crosby and Nick Swisher could be capable of spending their careers (or atleast the important years) with the A's thanks to this ownership change, even though Steve Schott will remain a minority owner. Beane as general manager and owner will probably make for an interesting transaction, where he is capable of putting some money forward for a trade if other owners won't. That'd be great to see. No matter your feelings on Beane's tactics, you have to admit he gets the job done considering his resources.

Please refrain from orally pleasuring Billy Beane. It doesn't matter how smart he is, how many rings does he have? Why didn't he make the playoffs last year. Please, hes not the only GM in the league.
He's the only one who owns a stake in the team he's running.
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