Thursday, March 31, 2005


Tying Up Loose Ends

Bunch of little stuff to get to today. I added a link to the sidebar for Baseball Rants Interviews, which will number more than 1 total this weekend, and hopefully will have many more after that. So if you ever want to read the Will Carroll interview after it falls off the main page, and don't feel like searching through the archives, there it is.

Byung Hyun Kim's trade was finalized, with the Sox and Rox swapping mostly bad contracts. Byung Yung Kim's contract was sent to Colorado, and Charles Johnson's was sent to Boston, where he was promptly released. BK should serve a valuable role in the Colorado pen if he can get some of his fastball back, as they have plenty of issues over there (like setting the major league record for bullpen losses last year, of course, Shawn Chacon didn't help.) Chris Narveson was the prospect involved in the deal, going to the Red Sox. There isn't much to say about him, besides John Sickels gave him a good grade in his latest book, with a B-. If I remember correctly, Baseball Prospectus wasn't as kind when evaluating the trade for Larry Walker with the Cardinals last year (Narveson was a part of that deal.) I could be wrong though. Basically, the Sox are paying a lot of money to clear up that spot on the 25 man and 40 man roster. Whatever works I guess.

Heads/Tails at the Most Valuable Network is finally up and running with my name and contact information on it, and I posted an introduction today. I know most of you know who I am, you know, since your here and all, but I'd love for you to check that site out daily as well. Michael Hurta is my writing partner, and he is a knowledgeable fellow. His site (Home Plate in Space)can be found on the links on the left side of the page. I really enjoy reading these Most Valuable Network sites, so if you feel the need to cruise the internet and read, definitely spend some time there (obligatory plug completed...just kidding, I read a bunch of those sites daily.) And just incase no one ventures into the comments section, I'm going to post my award predictions for 2005 here as well:

AL MVP: Eric Chavez. When Oakland wins the West, MVP voters will decide Chavez is the reason. That doesn't mean he won't be deserving, cause Chavez is capable of MVP seasons.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols will finally get one, only because Bonds misses a month plus.

AL Cy Young: I'm going to go with Johan Santana as repeat winner, and it isn't a copout. Let me explain myself...I looked at the rosters, and noticed that the only frontline starters in the AL right now (serious out of the gate Cy Young contenders) would be Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, and Johan Santana. Schilling is going to miss some time (not much, but he will have to adjust when he returns) and I'm not so sure Johnson is going to duplicate last year exactly, which would probably net him a Cy Young. Santana on the other hand, had an awful April and May, so even if he comes down from last years historical stretch of pitching, he should be able to come close to his Cy Young Campaign.

NL Cy Young: This one is going to come down between Pedro Martinez and Jake that point whichever team has a better record should have the Cy Young pitcher, and I'll go with the Pads for now.

AL ROY: Nick Swisher

NL ROY: If the Braves get Andy Marte to the majors early enough, it could be him.

Here are the Least Valuable Players, for free agents signed to big deals on new teams.
AL LVP: Richie Sexson (For Delgado's salary, he's not going to be valuable.)

NL LVP: Russ Ortiz. Just thinking about this makes me laugh. Thank you Diamondbacks management, for giving me something to chuckle about for the next few seasons. I'm probably piling on at this point, but its deserved.

And here are some rebound players for you:

AL Rebound: The Royals. I don't see them being a force or anything, but the year 2004 is over for them, so that is something.

NL Rebound: Austin Kearns. A healthy year will finally come...I hope.

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