Sunday, March 27, 2005


Something different today...

I'm going to post a team (or two) comprised of my favorite Red Sox players, and then throw a few honorable mention before my time players in there (I don't mean Ted Williams and Yaz, I mean guys two or three years before I paid attention, you know, when I was eating mud). No judging me either! Well go ahead, but I won't be swayed here. Remember, I said favorites, not best.

First Ballot Favorites
C: Jason Varitek
1B: Mike Stanley
2B: Jeff Frye
3B: Tim Naehring
SS: John Valentin
LF: Troy O'Leary
CF: Otis Nixon
RF: Trot Nixon
DH: David Ortiz

Second Ballot Favorites
C: Scott Hatteberg
1B: Mo Vaughn
2B: Mark Bellhorn/Todd Walker (I can't choose ok?!?)
3B: Am I allowed to say Kevin Youkilis?
SS: Nomar Garciaparra
LF: Manny Ramirez
CF: Carl Everett (don't judge me).
RF: Darren Bragg
DH: Reggie Jefferson

1) Tim Wakefield
2) Pedro Martinez
3) Bret Saberhagen
4) Roger Clemens
5) Curt Schilling (only a year, but we uh, won the World Series kinda with his help...slightly...a little)

I can see Bronson Arroyo sneaking onto this list someday.

Favorite closer: Tom Gordon. Not even close. Sorry Keith Foulke, and Jeff Russell, and Derek Lowe, and everyone else not named Ugueth Urbina (sorry). Tom Gordon was and is the man in my mind. Oh, that sweet, sweet curveball.

A few players the Sox had who I really liked after the fact, or on other teams:

Danny Darwin
Frank Viola
Tom Brunansky
Ellis Burks
Andre Dawson
Rob Deer
Mike Greenwell (I missed his best years in Boston, though I saw his last).

Feel free to comment on some of your own favorite players over the years, or ridicule me for leaving guys like Johnny Damon off the list. Hey, at least I didn't include Kevin Mitchell.

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