Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Rumors and the Like

Normally I wouldn't post rumors, since there are so many of them, but this is just too good to pass up. Apparently the Reds are searching for some pitching help (which they very desperately need) and are willing to swap Wily Mo Pena or Ken Griffey Jr. for it. Now what makes this interesting is that the supposed destination for Griffey would be Houston in exchange for a handful of prospects. In deciding between Griffey and Pena, there are a few variables to discuss. Wily Mo Pena has almost no plate discipline but may hit 40 homeruns someday. Griffey has plate discipline and is a very talented player, but he is never healthy for a full season. Do the Reds take the risk of dealing with Pena's untrained batting eye and strikeout rate for a full season? Or do they hope beyond hope that Griffey is able to finally play a full season without too much injury?

Houston would all of a sudden have an outfield of Ken Griffey Jr, Lance Berkman, and hopefully Jason Lane, not Craig Biggio. Biggio could move to second base for the time being, and give Chris Burke more time in the minors. Unless the Astros decided to try and move Biggio into some kind of utility role as his career winds down. This is a very interesting move that could shift some of the power in the NL Central, but it is also capable of keeping the Astros from blowing up and starting over like they should.

Tampa Bay all of a sudden needs a second basemen and a cleanup hitter, since Roberto Alomar and Danny Bautista retired on back to back days. I have an idea...let Jorge Cantu start at second base instead of panicking and claiming you need a new one. .301/.341/.462 in 173 AB's last season as a rookie. He's sure to improve on that with more playing time in the big leagues. He hit 20 doubles in 173 AB's! That is one of three things: A fluke, a massive amount of doubles over the course of a season, or the warning that this guy might start hitting homeruns soon. It is more than worth the chance. As for the left field scenario, well that might not be solved so easily. You sure as hell don't want to do something like sign Alex Sanchez to a deal...oh wait...damnit. The next step shouldn't be Joey Gathright either; I know he's really, really fast, but that does not mean he's good *cough Sanchez cough*. Ray Lankford is available via free agency. Having Lankford on your roster for a season could be good for you, better than promoting talent too early and starting their service clocks, and he is still capable of walking and hitting somewhat (.255/.349/.425 from the 37 year old outfielder). Why not? What do you have to lose, your Tampa Bay? And it is evident Chuck LaMar is not going to do anything spectacular anyways. Watch, this will be the one time Tampa Bay doesn't sign an aging player to fill a void because he has a recognizable name; the one time it would be acceptable.

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