Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Responsibility. What's that?

Another week goes by, and the normal excitement surrounding spring training finds itself surrounded in a haze of steroids.

Tomorrow, numerous baseball players (possibly including Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, and Curt Schilling) and even Commissioner Bud (I plead the 5th!) Selig will be testifying in front of Congress's House Reform Committee. Will we get answers? Will the players come clean? Will Selig admit he knew all along? Will Robin escape the cluthes of the Joker, and will Batman be able to survive another fatal laugh?

I expect to learn as much about steroids and what interaction they had on the game of baseball in the late 90s following the strike through the early 00's as I do about the effects of adding another carboxyl group to an amino acid. It's going to feature players and the biggest smoke blower of them all, doing just that, blowing smoke, and who can blame them? What they did at the time was not illegal in baseball, so as much as we'd like to crucify them, we really have no right. Maybe the hearings will even get postponed because Selig runs out of players to testify with him, and a tie will be called by the Reform Committee!

Quick Hits:

--We're more than 2 weeks from STARTING the season, and Kerry Wood is already suffering from shoulder tightness, and Mark Prior from elbow inflammation. So Carlos Zambrano is going to be starting the first game of the season. Is anyone else worried that Dusty Baker is going to kill someone? I'm half expecting Zambrano to throw his first pitch on opening day and watch in horror as the top half of his arm goes with him.

--Russell Branyan, the sabremetric love child of Rob Deer himself, has earned a starting job in Milwaukee. Congrats to Branyan, who does nothing but hit 230 with a 330 OBP. (Slight bias as I have Carlos Lee in my fantasy league, and I just saw someone getting on base or driving him in :) ).

--Joe Mauer is already surrounded amidst injury talk, with respect to his knees. Why doesn't Minnesota just make him a DH and sign some average catcher. He's clearly the real deal hitting, so why test his knees? Look how long Carlos Delgado played catcher, and then look how long he's been hitting 30 hrs and 100 rbis as a first basemen (although I understand they have Justin Morneau, it's the principle). On a similar twins note, FREE MICHAEL CUDDYER!

--To reiterate Marc here, LAUGH AT ALEX SANCHEZ, LAAAAAAAUGH! He was dropped by the Tigers earlier this week, further proving that just because when you are lucky enough to get on base (and not instantly strike out) and steal a base or 2, that you aren't even good enough to start for the Detroit Tigers. That's a pretty big Rochambeau shot if I've ever heard it.

--Best of luck to Rick Ankiel, another mistake made by Tony LaRussa. I can't even imagine the pressure he was forced to face, enough, I'd assume, to create a lifetime of control problems. I honestly hope he works out as a hitter, if only as a pinch hitter. If nothing else comes of this, I hope it dispells some of the imaginary greatness around Tony LaRussa. With so much being made of steroids, and his A's teams of the late 80s, is he really that great of a manager if he could only win one series with the Juice Brothers? Nevermind his horrible misuse of young talent, and poor bullpen use.

--Lastly, Curt Schilling is now saying he won't rule out the possibility of starting opening day. Frankly, I believe him. I can see him coming out in full RoboCop armor, with a cybernetic ankle, and pitching a no hitter with one of those nifty YankeeHater hats on. If only he wasn't Republican, I could sacreligiously worship him as a God.

And in closing, to you Lou Pinella- FREE BJ UPTON!, oh, and if possible, kick some dirt on an Umpire, it always makes me smile...

If Rob Deer had a sabremetric love child... I shudder at the imagery. Talk about a face for radio. Zing!

Nice post!

Andy From Twins Killings
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