Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Quick hits from Kizner

Since I had a lot of small thoughts today, I decided to blatantly rip off Peter Gammons and do some quick hits, Kizner style.

--A great point about the asterisk being brought into question for stats of the steroid era. When you think inflated stats in baseball, you think the 60's and the 90's. In the 60's the mound was higher, and pitchers dominated. In the 90's there may or may not have been rampant steroid use, and hitters dominated. There's no asterisk on Bob Gibson because he had a higher mound, why asterisk Mark McGwire?

--Why all of a sudden is everyone jumping on the Marlins bandwagon because they added Delgado? He's adjusting to a new league, he's got health issues, and he's hardly the spry young man who was once a catcher for the blue jays. He makes them better, but Yoda in Atlanta will turn Tim Hudson back into a Cy Young winner, and the Braves will win the East. (Not that it matters, since they won't reach the World Series anyway).

--Speaking of Delgado, it was aired on ESPN today that Delgado called Omar Minaya's negotiating tactics racist. Delgado said Minaya put more emphasis on their common language and customs, than he did the appeal of the Mets and why he would want to play in New York. Coincidentally, being pampered and spoken to in Spanish is exactly why Pedro went to New York. (Donde esta la payday? La pay day esta New York. You are still muy great Pedro!)

--Am I the only one who hopes the first time A-Rod is running out a groundball in Fenway, after Millar catches the ball and tags the bag, that he slaps A-Rod's arm to try and knock his wristguard off?

--How is it the White Sox had some of the worst pitching in the league last year, and over the off season, they did nothing to remedy the problem. In fact, they got rid of one of their biggest rbi men(Lee), lost another to free agency(Ordonez), and traded for someone who gets on base about as often as I do(Podsednik). Why is Kenny Willams allowed to exist?

--Last hit. Was anyone else perturbed by Barry Bonds telling us his testicles haven't shrunk? I don't care if you did or didn't do steroids. Honestly, I think you're a great player, and you've done great things, but please, never again mention your testicles in a press conference, if not for yourself, then for me?

Maybe Bonds mentioned his testicles so that the media would stop bothering him...hopefully it works.

Delgado is switching leagues, but he's switching to the NL, where everything seems to be easier at the moment.
Although I agree with your analysis on Bonds (in fact that was my point, I hope they back off).

I disagree with your point on Delgado. While I don't have what I'm sure is your statistical analysis and back up, I expect Delgado to decline this year. He's switching leagues (regardless of it's to an easier one, it's still a transition, and who knows, he could regress to the early days of not laying off the high heater), and he's getting old. There's no dhing a few days if his back or his knees are sore.

Of course we didn't even take into account the maccarthyesque rammifications of the neo conservative tendencies of the fundamentally evolving national league tangibility curve.

Didn't mean to get off on a rant there.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!
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