Thursday, March 24, 2005


One of the kids starts today

Jon Papelbon will make a spring training start for the Red Sox today, and with Curt Schilling and David Wells (read: old) in the rotation, we should see him as a member of the Red Sox sometime within the next two years. John Sickels gives him a B+ in his 2005 Prospect Book. He is slated for Double-A action this year, and if successful there (like you could say about all minor league pitchers) he could be ready for the big leagues soon. I'm pretty excited about Papelbon coming up soon, because the Sox haven't had a legitimate pitching prospect that we've kept (Arroyo aside, we traded for him) since Brian Rose. Tomo Ohka, Carl Pavano, Tony Armas; all traded to the Expos. Sun Woo Kim, traded to the Expos. Juan Pena came up, succeeded in a few starts, hurt his arm, and fell off the planet. I feel slightly cheated considering I'm turning 19 and the one real pitcher we've kept with us for awhile (Aaron Sele) didn't even have his best years until he left. I think this is why I was disapointed when the Sox signed Renteria, rather than promote Hanley Ramirez. I am excited that Dustin Pedroia is going to play second base this year in the minors, and Hanley Ramirez will be his double play partner at short, but I'm not sure what that means for Hanley's future. Papelbon's Sarasota (Class A) numbers by the way: 2.64 ERA, 129.2 IP, 153:43 K:BB ratio (3.56 if you want the decimal) and Sickels book tells me does it with a 92-94 mph fastball, a slider, a curve, a changeup, and the ability to keep the ball in the park (always a plus, I hate gopheritis). I for one am excited for his entrance into the rotation in the future, as well as fellow John, John Lester.

Brian at Friendly Fenway says that Lenny Dinardo and Mark Malaska were sent down to the minors. I'm disapointed because A) I like Dinardo and B) Brian mentioned BK Kim might have a roster spot in the majors because of it. Sweet Jesus, I beg you no! I'll be overly optimistic, and say BK won't have a spot on our roster, we just haven't sent him down because there are numerous trade offers for him. Yes, yes, thats the one I'll believe...please Colorado take him from us.

as i read on the sox website the club is apparently high on this kid, it would be nice to see another pavano except for this kid to reach his potential with the team in boston...the mention of brian rose's name makes my blood boil...has sele ever really had many high points in his career to make sox fans feel cheated, plain and simple the guy cannot perform under pressure and that is all you need to know about a player, no one remembers a great april...mirrabeli even had an interview speaking of BK saying how he is a loner and keeps his distance from the rest of the team, granted not many in the clubhouse can speak his native korean but mirrabeli gave the sense that kim is just miserable and much like george thuroughgood...he prefers to be by himself-jt
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