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MLB Roundup

Sorry for the later post today, but Blogger was having some...issues.

I want to start out by saying I hope everyone took some time to read the Will Carroll interview, and I am going to have the John Sickels one on Friday, posted this weekend or sometime early next week. If you have any questions for John, please (for the love of everything) post a comment or e-mail me. I had people sending me questions for the Carroll interview after it was already done...that was helpful. Just to remind everyone, post questions before Friday, or at the least Friday morning and I'll accomodate you.

JOY! CALVING PICKERING IS FREE! But the left handed platoon partner Ken Harvey is now captured in Omaha. I hate to nitpick (I'm lying) but Harvey should have been kept on the roster as the platoon partner for Pickering when left handers pitched. I guess Pickering getting out against lefties and mashing righties still beats no Pickering at all. This also means the Royals are probably carrying an extra pitcher, and have 13 total. Why can't anyone have 11? I know 10 is asking a lot of a team, even though it is entirely possible, but why not 11?

Byung Hyun Kim is going to Colorado for a minor leaguer, and the Sox are picking up the tab. Who cares that the Sox are paying for it? No more roster spot wasted on BK. I want to thank him for stabilizing the bullpen and rotation in 2003 when he did, but keeping around something that isn't working goes against every cold hearted baseball move I desire for victory. Also, if BK succeeds in Colorado, I'll feel smart. Why? All-Star break last year I wrote this:

"One last idea before I close off this section. The Rockies believe that sinkerball pitchers are going to be the ones who are most effective in the high altitude. I gave it some thought and started wondering if sidearm and submarine pitchers might have even more of an impact. The way they throw all of their pitchers have that natural sinking motion to them, and many induce ground-ball outs as well. I only have a few examples for this, but luckily one of them is the best pitcher they have ever had, and “a better candidate to pitch forever than Jesse Orosco” says Baseball Prospectus. Steve Reed has a career ERA somewhere in the low to mid 3.00’s for Colorado, and succeeds year in and year out for them. He is a sidearm pitcher, so one point for Marc’s theory. This could just be a coincidence, but apparently Dan O’Dowd hasn’t read Moneyball, or he did not take anything away from it. I got to thinking about the section on Chad Bradford, and how in the Canadian Rocky mountains he dropped his arm angle even lower and the ball sank even more. It was not just because of the arm drop, it also had to do with the fact that the air was being used to his advantage. The sinking motion of the balls he threw kept hitters from putting any real sky power on his pitches. Here are Bradford’s numbers from that park, as shown in Moneyball: “In a ballpark built for sluggers, he pitched fifty-one innings with an earned run average of 1.94, and gave up only three home runs.” It also states that, “As miserable as the Canadian Rockies were for most pitchers, they might as well have been created for Chad Bradford to pitch in.” So this is obviously not my idea, I am just stating that I cannot believe the Rockies have not tried to get more pitchers like this and show them that the air will actually help their career numbers. How about trying to steal Byung Hyun Kim from the Red Sox? They obviously are not using him, and since his performance has been down you can probably force them to swallow the price tag whole. If BK busts, you didn't pay for it. If he doesn't, not only did you not pay for it, but damnit, your on to something good." (Whole text found here)

I'd like to add this, so as not to let people think I have anything against O'Dowd. He has apologized for what he said was the ego driven way he ran the Rockies the past few years, and I believe him when he says it, but we'll see how Gen-R in Colorado does and how the front office goes about supporting it or fixing it when the time comes.

Who are the Sox going to replace BK Kim with? Well, Mike Myers. I like Myers, but at the same time I want a different LOOGY. At least he isn't BK. I honestly forgot the names of the people traded to St. Louis for Myers, so go to Friendly Fenway if you want to know, cause I know it is there.

The Nationals demoted centerfielder Endy Chavez, which was a good move. Chavez is a deceiving player; he's fast but can't really hit or play defense too well, but puts up some steals. Sending him back to the minors opens up an outfield spot for Termel Sledge, with Brad Wilkerson moving to centerfield I'm guessing.

Bobby Higginson might get traded to the Marlins soon, and I'm kind of saddened by this. If they use him, and keep Juan Encarnacion, I think that the Marlins are purposely trying to negate the addition of Carlos Delgado to the lineup. I don't know what is going on there.

Charles Johnson might end up in Tampa Bay soon, but we've been hearing that rumor for oh...8 months now, at least.

Juan Gonzalez won the RF job in Cleveland, and I'm kind of confused, considering he will most likely get hurt and Grady Sizemore should be the starter. Whatever though, Shapiro usually knows what he is doing and must be on to something. Or not.

Andres Galaragga retired with 399 career homeruns, obviously one short of 400. It would have been nice to see him hit it, considering his career didn't take off until he was already 32, making him one of a handful of guys with extremely late and extended peaks. Somewhere Melvin Mora and Mark Loretta are crossing their fingers with hope of a similar fate.

Brooks Kieschnick was released from the Brewers, and if you want the full theory behind it, go to

To finish things up, I want to laugh and cry at the same time when Jacque Jones says that he puts up enough numbers to do well on the free agent market this offseason. I laugh because he really has not put up much for great numbers, but cry when I realize someone will in fact dish out money to him based solely on the fact that people know who Jacque Jones is. Too bad he can't hit lefties at all and never, ever walks. I hope beyond hope that the Twins trade him, get something much more useful than him out of it, and then laugh all the way to Jason Kubel in 2006.

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