Thursday, March 10, 2005


Incase anyone is interested

I want to host a chat of some sort at some point. Obviously I'll need questions to answer for this, so if anyone has any baseball related questions (or whatever, who cares) then either post it via comment on this post or e-mail me the question. If I get enough I'll do a Q&A sort of thing, and if there are a lot of responses maybe I'll do it every now and then. I plan on getting Kizner involved too, so if you have any questions for him e-mail them to him or me as well. Some ideas for questions: Something about your favorite team, info on players, new player questions, fantasy baseball questions, do I like chicken or steak better, any ideas anyone might have as far as baseball goes, why we should all make fun of Neifi Perez, and whether I use margarine or butter on toast.

Thanks a lot,


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