Thursday, March 31, 2005


I love the..err, 2005 awards, Part Deux!

Much on the same sentiments of Marc, I bring unto you the awards, as predicted by well, err, me?

AL MVP- I'm running on the same premise as Marc here. The guy who leads his team to victory in the AL West picks up the MVP. I've got the Angels winning the west, and Vlad repeating as the MVP.

NL MVP- No Bonds opens the floodgates, but either way, I saw Albert Pujols finally stepping up, and taking his first MVP. He's not going to run away with it though, look for Miguel Cabrera to totally break out (like he didn't last year, but with Delgado now..), and give Pujols a run for his money.

AL Cy Young- Johan Santana. Do you want to pick against him? He's going to rack up the wins again, keep his ERA and WHIP low, and lead the Twins to the AL Central crown (along with Mauer, Morneau, and Ford).

NL Cy Young- I'm going out on a limb here, and picking Tim Hudson. I think a trip to Dagobah (alrite, I know it's a lot of Star Wars references lately, but not only does Mazzone look like Yoda, he makes people like Jaret Wright good. Can you say that has nothing to do with the force?) to train with Yoda is just what Hudson needs. He should have solid fielding and bats behind him, in an easier league (to pitch to at least). I see Jake Peavy, Pedro Martinez, AJ Burnett, and Jason Schmidt rounding out the top 5.

AL RoY- It's a huge coinflip here, probably the toughest to call. I'm going out on a limb and saying Jeremy Reed, despite SAFECO, but I have a feeling Nick Swisher is going to make me eat my words with his bat and glove.

NL RoY- If the Braves free Andy Marte, this will be a no brainer by June.

AL LVP- I wanted with all my heart to pick a different least valuable player (based on big name free agent signings) than Marc, but I can't pick against Richie Sexson. He's ailing, in a tougher league, and in a pitcher's ballpark. Sorry Richie, it's not happening.

NL LVP- Can I just say the Dbacks? Probably not, so I'll say Troy Glaus, because I don't see him staying remotely healthy, and even if he does, he's not going to put up numbers to merit his contract.

AL Rebound of the Year- Eric Chavez. He's going to be healthy, and he's going to have a monster year. Look for him to put up MVP caliber numbers, and keep Oakland in contention (and maybe farther than that, if the new arms don't fail him).

NL Rebound of the Year- I'm gonna say AJ Burnett here. I think he may finally have that healthy year, go back to blowing balls by hitters, and showing us why we all thought he was a Cy Young contender last time he was healthy.

That's all for now. 3 more days!

I don't think Chavez ever really went down in performance, considering he hit very well against lefties for the first time in his career and was on pace for some amazing third basemen numbers before getting hurt. 162 game average of 38 homers I believe, I did the calculations awhile ago and didn't save them.
So you say breakout, I'm saying rebound. Coming back from an injury and performing at your peak sounds an awful lot like rebound to me..
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