Saturday, March 26, 2005


I can't wait...

...for Opening Day. I'm tired of spring training games, and the what if lineups, and questions about the Opening Day starter, etc. I just want to see some baseball that counts for something. This year is going to be pretty busy, with all Sox fans holding on to see if their team can reach the playoffs and (gasp) have a shot at repeating as World Champions. Luckily, many BP writers think they can, so I can breathe easy in having one ally outside Red Sox Nation.

As for what is going on in spring training, I'm worried about BK Kim getting that last pitching spot. He hasn't done anything effective all spring, not even effective enough to get traded to a team that has nothing to lose in Colorado. I want Lenny Dinardo to pitch on the big league squad, and just eat BK's salary in the minors. It is scary, but it would be a better use of resources than paying and playing him. Can't we stash him away like we did to Ramiro Mendoza last year?

So far, this is the Sox roster:

C: Varitek/Mirabelli
1B: Kevin Millar/Dave McCarty
2B: Mark Bellhorn/Ramon Vazquez
3B: Bill Mueller/Kevin Youkilis
SS: Edgar Renteria/Vazquez
LF: Manny Ramirez/Millar/Jay Payton
CF: Johnny Damon/Payton
RF: Trot Nixon/Payton
DH: David Ortiz

SP: Curt Schilling (DL), David Wells, Matt Clement, Tim Wakefield, Bronson Arroyo, Wade Miller (DL)
RP: Keith Foulke, Alan Embree, Mike Timlin, Matt Mantei, John Halama, Blaine Neal, BK Kim

That is 25 guys, not counting the two DL pitchers. So when Schilling comes back, maybe Kim gets shelved. They should use up Kim's options and try to pass him through waivers or something. I'm disapointed Roberto Petagine won't make the team, but that is just because I wanted to see him succeed in a platoon or part time role.

Ok, enough Red Sox stuff for now.

Free Calvin Pickering! He and Ken Harvey are both struggling in the Cactus League right now, but the pressure is on Pickering since Harvey is the incumbent first basemen. Granted, spring training has a small sample size, and it should be ignored in most instances (Red Sox fans, do you remember Tony Clark's huge spring with us) but teams still use it to gauge some things they should not. Like the fact that Calvin Pickering is the best hitter they have, sans Mike Sweeney. But, since the Royals are usually without Mike Sweeney, Big-P would be the man out in KC.

I'm very interested to see how San Diego stacks up against a Bonds-less NL West, even if it is only for a time being. They will have to capitalize on the month and a half he is out (6 weeks of rehab for everyone who thinks he'll be out all year...ever think he just wants everyone off his back for a bit?)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I can't stand Skip Bayless or his "ideas". Controversial for the sake of being controversial is not something I enjoy, so unless Skip is in Snap Judgement I usually can't deal with him. Well, at least he isn't John Kruk (CHONE FIGGINS FOR MVP! WOO!)

I think I've decided that the A's are going to be a better team than the Angels this year, and I'm going to stick to my guns this time. I think the pitching staff is going to come along very nicely, and I have this good feeling about Rich Harden that I didn't have when I originally wrote the team preview.

I spoke to John Sickels about doing a prospect interview on this site, and he agreed to do it sometime in April. If you have any questions you want to ask John regarding prospects and the like, or whatever, leave them as comments in this post and I'll let him sift through them to give you some answers, or I'll take some good ones. Again, whatever. As
Carl would say, "It don't matter...none of this matters."

speaking of opening day i would be extremely greatful if you could provide randy johnson's numbers this spring because i know david wells' have not been good...i honestly thought petagine would have made the team over mccarty due to the fact he is an actual bat off the bench but if francona was looking for 1st base defense mccarty was the guy...honestly right now the sox rotation scares me, wells instead of pedro clement instead of lowe are downgrades in my mind we arent sure yet of the health of either schilling of miller we are still waiting for arroyo's break out year wakefeild is a question mark each time he takes the mound, im not sure if he even knows which days he has good stuff or not...didnt dave mccarty hit more home runs than manny last spring?...eventhough you could very well be right and most of the time with you, you arent far off but i cannot see the angels having too much competition in the west but those angels do have a track record of going on long losing streaks and somehow going on longer winning streaks at the end of the season-jt
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