Monday, March 21, 2005


From fantasy to reality..

Since Marc saw fit to post his fantasy baseball team (and we're in the same league), I extend to all of you the Stoddard Draddots (my team)!

C- Johnny Estrada. Not the finest catcher in the league, but considering he hit 314 last year, on an Atlanta team that I feel got better (yay for Andy Marte), and considering I picked him up in the 12th ROUND, it's not a bad pick.

1B- Albert Pujols. Ok, so at this point you may be realizing I had the first pick in the draft, and this was a slightly (and by slightly I mean, I thought about taking Vlad for about .02 seconds) difficult decision. I don't care about the planar fascitis. It's a keeper league, and if he misses this year to get totally healthy, I still get 4-5 years without question of in his prime Pujols. Not to mention the avg, opb, slg, HR's, RBIs, 2b's, Runs; I think I may have just soiled myself thinking about it.

2B- Mark Loretta. Loretta is a reflection of the draft strategy I tried oh so hard to implement this year. In years passed, I generally have a decent team, with a lowish avg, but decent power. So in other words, I usually won HR's, and SLG, and lost everything else. Loretta and his 143 singles, 47 doubles, and 335 avg can start for me anyday, and I thought he was a great 5th round pick.

3B- Tie at the Moment. I drafted Dallas MacPherson. With all the high avg's I'd been grabbing, I figured I'd be able to handle one 260-270 avg with 30 hrs and a nice slg/obp. Then he had to go and hurt his back. So I grabbed Michael Cuddyer off waivers, mostly because he plays 3 of the 4 major infield positions (not SS eligible), and I see him having a breakout year if the Twins actually let him start (which I think they will). Either way it should work out well for me. On a more bitter note, this position was supposed to be filled by David Wright, but he got snagged 6 picks before I was going to draft him, stupid Spiderman *shake fist*.

SS- Juan Uribe. Not only is he eligible at 2b, 3b, and SS, but he hit 283 last season, and looks to improve on it (in a perfect world, not a Kenny Williams world.) Either way, he gets on base, hits for decent power, and was a steal in the 10th.

OF1- Miguel Cabrera. My 2nd round pick, and probably my favorite pick of all. Being only 21 (22 in April) Cabrera has an upside that would make Mount Everest look like a valley. He's just going to get better and better, and he'll be on my team for years to come while he does it. (Not to mention he carried me all the way to the fantasy baseball finals last year before Scott Rolen, Soriano, and the rest of my team died).

OF2- Carlos Lee. Another personal favorite. Lee is leaving the AL, a much tougher league than the NL, where hitters can thrive. In Milwaukee, Lee isn't going to have a lot to play for. With that said, I think it means you'll see him running the base paths a lot more, because frankly, what's Milwaukee got to lose. I don't see him improving on his avg or power numbers, but I see the obp and steals going up a little.

OF3- Hideki Matsui. GODZILLA! As much as it pains me to draft a Yankee, I was thin at OF when round 7 came along. Guys with 30+ doubles, and hrs, 100+ singles, runs, and rbis, and obp's 100 points over their average don't come along everyday. I put my bias aside, and picked him up. May Tokyo fall victim to his wrath!

Util. Mark Teixeira. I know it's hard to call my 3rd overall pick (and the 25th overall in the draft) a sleeper, but man, is Teix ready to absolutely break out. Playing in that park, with that offense, and that bat; I see nothing but good things, and very bruised Rawlings baseballs from Teix.

SP- I subscribe to the Marc/Matt philosophy of beating down the other team with a lot of above average pitching, instead of a little of great pitching. With that said: Tim Hudson, Carlos Zambrano, AJ Burnett, Brad Radke, Brian Lawrence, Danny Haren, Tim Wakefield, Jarrod Washburn, Noah Lowry. It's hard to say who's the ace of my staff. I'm inclined to say Zambrano, but a case could be made for Hudson. I'm really hoping Burnett is healthy and he racks up the K's again. As for the rest, I'm just hoping for 12-15 wins, and a non lethal ERA and WHIP. Lowry was my sleeper pick, seeing a lot of K's and wins in his future.

RP- Also another shared theory between Marc and I, in that I hate drafting closers early. The early rounds should be for stacking your lineup, and getting your without a question aces. My closer sleeper (Mota) got snagged a round earlier than I had intended to draft him. When it came back to me I gambled on Troy Percival. If he's healthy, it could be a great pick. I also grabbed Mike Adams in the later rounds to try and sure up saves. But again, Marc and I being on the same wavelength, I overloaded on holds. I picked up both Ray King and Chris Reitsma. That's 31 holds each last year, in a category few people ever match up well in. So sure, I may lose saves every week, but I'm going to win holds. 1 for 1, could be a lot worse.

Bench. I already mentioned MacPherson being on my bench. The other 2 slots are filled up by Geoff Jenkins (I needed/wanted that 4th of) and J.D. Closser. I don't think Closser can be considered a sleeper since everyone knows who he is, but he's got tremendous upside at a thin position, and looks to play 81 games a year in Coors Field. How can you not love that, not to mention I snagged him in the 22nd round.

All I can say is, GO DRADDOTS!

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