Sunday, March 27, 2005


Free Agent Team Building

I built a team out of 2004-2005 free agents, using their actual salaries for the 2005 season (which would seem like a serious hindrance, unless you buy smart). I think it came out pretty decent, considering the cost:

C: Doug Mirabelli 2/$3 = $1.5 million per year
1B: Carlos Delgado 5/$52= $10.4 million per year
2B: Todd Walker 1/$2.5 million
3B: Eric Munson 1/$250,000
SS: Placido Polanco 1/$4.6
LF: Dustan Mohr 1/$950,000
CF: J.D. Drew 5/$55 = $11 million per year
RF: Mark Sweeney 1/$575,000
DH: Josh Phelps 1/$400,000

OF: Ray Lankford 1/$550,000
MI: Craig Counsell 2/$3.1 = $1.55 million per year
CI: Jose Hernandez 1/$1.8 million
C: Gregg Zaun 1/$1 million
OF/CI: John Mabry 1/$725,000

SP: Matt Clement 3/$25.5 = $8.5 million per year
SP: Wade Miller 1/$1.5 million
SP: Glendon Rusch 2/$4 = $2 million per year
SP: Paul Wilson 2/$8.2 = $4.1 million per year
SP: Cory Lidle 2/$6.3 = $3.15 million per year
SP: Dennys Reyes 1/$550,000

RP: Lenny Dinardo 1/$250,000
RP: Chris Hammond 1/$750,000
RP: Jim Mecir 1/$1.1 million
RP: Rudy Seanez 1/$550,000
CL: Steve Reed 1/$1.05 million

Total Cost = $61,300,000

PECOTA Projected Lineup
1) Polanco .287/.343/.430
2) Mohr .277/.365/.475
3) Drew .282/.393/.516
4) Delgado.270/.392/.518
5) Phelps .267/.339/.495
6) Walker .274/.340/.423
7) Sweeney .256/.352/.454
8) Munson .245/.330/.458
9) Mirabelli .249/.331/.439

Lankford .250/.347/.411
Counsell .249/.328/.337
Hernandez .257/.327/.427
Zaun .250/.335/.371
Mabry .279/.362/.491

1) Clement 3.97 ERA, 2.17 K/BB
2) Rusch 4.14 ERA, 2.35 K/BB
3) Wilson 4.85 ERA, 1.91 K/BB
4) Cory Lidle 4.52 ERA, 2.0 K/BB
5) Dennys Reyes 4.30 ERA, 1.74 K/BB
6) Wade Miller 3.99 ERA, 2.02 K/BB (half season)

Lenny DiNardo 4.23 ERA, 1.75 K/BB
Chris Hammond 3.35 ERA, 2.13 K/BB
Jim Mecir 4.22 ERA, 1.94 K/BB
Rudy Seanez 3.97 ERA, 2.1 K/BB
Steve Reed 3.56 ERA, 2.37 K/BB

I don't know how many games this team would actually win, but isn't it funny how you can find deals all over the place to supplement big signings (Drew, Delgado, Clement) and still come out with a pretty good team? The rotation might be in desperate need of Miller's service, since it is basically made up of Clement, Rusch, and innings eaters, but its better than a lot of rotations in baseball (the lineups pretty good too) and only cost $61,300,000. I want some opinons on how well you think this team would do, wins wise. The projections were taken from PECOTA cards, but I chose the percentiles based on feeling if I thought the weighted mean was unfair, but only in 2 or 3 cases. I just might pay attention to this team after this year, and replace the "free agents" with new ones. I could probably do the team over with a few other projection systems, but I think for now this will do. This was a fun exercise to do, and something I might do more of in the future.

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