Tuesday, March 29, 2005


A few things to wrap up the day...

Tim Redding was traded from the Houston Astros to the San Diego Padres for catcher Humberto Quintero. Redding was somewhat of a disapointment last year, sporting a 5.72 ERA and a bullpen demotion midseason after a successful past. He had been competing for the 5th spot in the rotation, along with Carlos Hernandez, Ezequiel Astacio, Dave Burba, and the recently released Peter Munro. Humberto Quintero is a "C" prospect at catcher according to John Sickels' 2005 prospect book.

Tony Armas is making his annual trip to the DL a little early this year. He is going on the 15-day DL with a pulled groin, and at this point I'm sure his arm is just going to fall off, but stay on just enough that people are still waiting for him to fulfill potential. Sadly, never healthy enough to fully contribute, Tony "One" Armas will live out his days as "that guy who was traded for Pedro Martinez and somehow had more injury problems".

I have some sad low average/homerun hitter news to announce, as Eric Munson was released from the Minnesota Twins. I was very excited about him playing there, and thought it would be a steal for Minnesota if he could play like he did back in 2003 for the Tigers, considering the little they paid for him. Of course, for all your Twins news, you want to visit Andy Wink here.

I forgot to mention this change in the links, but Evan has moved his Firebrand of the American League site over to all-baseball.com, so that site is now listed under those links on the left. Speaking of Most Valuable Network, Evan was nice enough to give me a spot writing for http://headstails.mostvaluablenetwork.com

The site should have my name and contact information and all of that happy stuff within a day or two, and my writing partner Mike Hurtya is a good guy (being an Astros fan and all). The site is a point/counterpoint site on whatever sports topics Mike and I decide on. I'd appreciate it if my readers here would visit that site, and of course I'll say the same to the Heads/Tails crowd about visiting here. This is just one more step towards me gaining enough credibility to depose Jim Bowden, the tyrannical dictator of Washington D.C. Someone is going to do a google search, see tyrannical dictator of Washington D.C., and the FBI is going to pull up outside my house. Viva la Baseball Rants, Senor Bowden!

By the way, Queens of the Stone Age rocked my socks off multiple times. I kept putting them back on, and Josh Homme and Lanegan just kept knocking them right back off. One of my favorite concerts definitely, and I'm not just saying that because it was yesterday. They played every song I wanted to hear except Walkin' on the Sidewalks. 99% of what you want is pretty damn good. If Josh Homme was a baseball player, he would so be Bobby Abreu. Underrated but excellent quality performance, and a future Hall of Famer.

What are Andy Pettitte's risks for another injury?
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