Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Baseball is back! So I come out of my hiding spot

I've been among the missing as far as this site goes since the World Series victory of the Red Sox. I stopped posting during the playoffs about the Red Sox because as a paranoid Boston fan I could not jinx anything. Once I fell out of the habit it became tough to get back on board. But now that baseball is back I cannot help myself, and it is more fun than the paper I should be writing for class right now. So I will have updates probably daily, with one as soon as today maybe, if I can bring myself to it.

I think I will go through spring training with team by team previews based on last year's performance and the offseason's additions (or subtractions). This should help everyone get familiar with the new look of the teams for 2005, and also get me back in the writing groove.

marc im back for the '05 season! it should be a good run of ups and downs as always
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