Monday, October 11, 2004


Round 2 of the Playoffs...mostly

Well us Boston fans must not be too smart for firing Grady Little. Apparently it is hip and trendy to try and manage incorrectly costing your team playoff victories. Nominees for the First Annual Grady Little Managerial Award this playoffs are Ron Gardenhire, Phil Garner, and Game 5 Mike Scioscia. Scioscia did the least bad thing (sort of) but he did go against what he always does, which just makes it one bad decision at the wrong time. What it is that Scioscia always does is never fall into the matchup trap. The one time he did basically all season came back and hit them as hard as a Jose Guillen helmet hitting the back of the dugout. Too soon for that comment? Maybe now people will realize Washburn isn't you know...good.

Garner has not lost his series yet, but the domino effect of moves in yesterdays contest just made me sad as a fan of baseball, nevermind the Astros. Starting Clemens on 3 days rest was questionable, yes, considering his past record on short rest as well as his recent stomach flu. But Clemens did well, giving up only 2 runs in 5 innings (a quality start with a 3 run lead in the playoffs? I'll take that.) What he did after was the problem. Brad Lidge got to throw 7 pitches. 7. The most dominant pitcher left on your entire roster threw seven pitches in a game that could have easily ended the series. Granted he was pinch-hit for in a critical hitting situation, but you probably should not have brought him in when you did if you knew his spot was coming up in the order. Or atleast double switch for him, you know since you had already taken the 3/4 Craig Biggio out of the game with a previous double switch. 3/4 with a homerun and a double mind you. Last thing: Russ Springer v. J.D. Drew, game on the line, first base open, what do you do? Not what Garner did. He can redeem himself tonight by deciding whether or not he wants to overmanage or undermanage and sticking with it. Go Astros, but if not, please don't blame the Killer B's, who finally are allowed some solace from the media.

I think I am going to interview for the Minnesota Twins managerial position when Gardenhire gets fired. Well if he does. Why do I think I have a chance? Because I'm not Ron Gardenhire. Gardenhire lost Game 2, then the Twins lost Game 3, then Gardenhire lost Game 4. You know who else lost Game 4? Terry Ryan, for letting Pat Borders have a roster spot. For someone who has been in the league as long as Pat Borders you think he would know how to stop a baseball. You can it was just bad luck, one pitch down, but I was watching him try and catch Nathan and he looked like he was in little league. Maybe all of those articles on how it was a good idea for Minnesota to sit on their prospects and look towards 2005 weren't worth the materials they took to produce. Maybe finding another catcher, any catcher, would have been better than simply prayers for Joe Mauer or even more prayers for Pat Borders. Maybe moving Mauer to another position should be something they should work on (I hear Corey Koskie might be leaving, so why not make Mauer learn third? Can't hurt, considering how productive one of the top prospects in baseball got to be this year...Oh wait.) The Twins have a lot to work on this offseason if they want to stop being solely AL Central bullies, especially with the Indians capable of making a push in the near future.

Kudos to Lima Time for putting up the only thing resembling a valiant effort in the Cardinals-Dodgers matchup. Sorry for the Dodgers but all of those things that were supposed to weaken St. Louis in the first round didn't. Good news for the NLDS opponent of St. Louis though, as Chris Carpenter will not return for the Cardinals. Of course if the Astros do win tonight they get to start Peter Munro Game 1. You know, the guy they couldn't trust to win the non-elimination game 4 in a series that could have easily been wrapped up tonight with a fully rested Roger Clemens. I'll stop playing armchair quarterback until tomorrow though.

Submit your votes for the First Annual Grady Little Managerial Award for Unbelievable Playoff Non-Excellence to

And pray as hard as you can to whoever it is you think is listening to you that Tito doesn't join the nominees.

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