Friday, October 08, 2004


The Playoffs

Sorry for not posting sooner, been very busy with tests and finals approachinig. Regardless of current scores, these were what I had as my prognostication before the first pitch was even thrown. (I'm also going to try my best to write this retroactively).

Twins/Yankees-Twins in 4
Johan Santana is a game one win, and Radke is a 50/50, but they're the Yankees, so we'll play it safe and say they split in Yankee Stadium. The Twins then head back to the Metrodome, where Carlos Silva would presumably pitch a game 3 against Kevin Brown (which will probably end in Kevin Brown punching another wall, as Twins decimate him at home.) Game 4, if, and I guess with my thinking when, the Twins are up 2-1, they will (and Gardeinhire announced this) pitch Santana in Game 4. He'll be on short rest, but he'll be lights out at home, and provided Ron doesn't channel Dusty Baker again when pitching Joe Nathan, the Twins should be headed to their first ALCS in a long time.

The best friggen team ever/Angels-Red Sox in 4.
Hi, my name's Curt Schilling, and in the playoffs, I make people cry(Co-World Series MVP like whoa). Hi, my name is Pedro Martinez, and I have something to prove, and I own the Angels. I'm calling that 2 wins, and since we all know they won, it was 2 impressive wins. Game 3, I'm expecting the Angels to come out playing for something, and I just don't see us sweeping them out. Game 4, I'm looking for Tim Wakefield in Fenway to shut the door on whoever the Angels start (especially if they try starting Washburn on short rest). It's entirely possible we could sweep them out, with that whole doomed flight across the country factor, but I'm playing it safe, either way, GO SOX!

Cardinals/Dodgers-Bust out the brooms boys, Cards in 3
There was a sign at game 1 of the nlds in St. Louis that had a picture of the St. Louis lineup depicted as Murderer's Row (and since I like them more than the Yankees, they can have the title). Let's just make a few quick points, Jeff Foxworthy style.
-When Larry Walker is number 2 in your line up, you might be a murderer's row
-When the league leader in SLG (not named mini deity Bonds) is in your lineup, the man who would have won the RBI crown had he not been injured, and oh ya, Jim Edmonds batting 5th, you might be a murderer's row.
-When even Tony Womack hits over 300, you might be a murderer's row.
-Did I mention any other of Albert Pujols stats?
Ok, but to be serious, Cardinals will, and have, tee off on Dodger pitching, Gagne + cortizone shot = series lost, especially when you can't even get him the ball with a lead anyway.

Astros/Braves-The toughest call, Astros in 4
May I just first make a rude gesture to Juan Cruz for hitting Carlos Beltran after his 3-3 day. When not even Roger Clemens retaliates, you know you did something pretty assholish. Beltran was en fuego as the sportscenter anchors of old would say, and looked like he was poised to carry Houston on his back single handedly to the NLCS. Last night he was 0-5 when I turned off the game, and was running noticably different. So screw you Juan Cruz, but back to sports.
Between Clemens and Oswalt in Atlanta, you know they're going to take 1 game (and they did). That's 1/1 back to Houston, where the Astros have won almost as many games in a row as the Patriots. I am a little worried that Phil Garner rode Brad Lidge like (insert another Dusty Baker reference here) in game 2, but I think he'll be ok with the day's rest. Astros will be lights out at home, and I wouldn't put it past Roger to demand a ball in Game 4, not that he'd need to, they have Brandon Backe, and broken bullpen phones! I wonder if Bobby Cox's protest still gets filed even though he won? Bagwell and Biggio are both playing with something to prove, Lidge is lights out when used properly, and if Beltran isn't hurt, we're going to be hearing an awful lot from the killer B's this post season.

So that's how I see it, Twins/Sox, Astros/Cards, how those games go, well we'll just have to wait and see if I'm right..

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