Saturday, October 02, 2004


NL and AL Races: Final Weekend

The AL West battle has turned into a 3 game playoff series, and sadly Anaheim delivered the first blow. I keep trying to tell myself Oakland can win the next two, but I am really not so sure.
I can't talk about that series anymore, but I will watch it while eating comfort foods such as ice cream to calm my anger at the A's.

The Twins won tonight, but if they lose once this weekend then the Red Sox face whoever comes out of the AL West duel. If the two division leading teams tie, then the Sox face the west team (according to I believe). The shock factor of Santana is starting to wear off, and I am remembering the Sox have Schilling, but still I'd just rather not have to deal with that kind of stress in my life. So go Athletics/Anaheim, with a little more emphasis on the Oakland version.

As for the NL Wild Card, if the Cubs lose I am happy. Since they are doing a good job of that on their own, I'm even happier. I just don't think that team deserves it as much as say the other three teams involved. The Padres finished in last place in 2003 with virtually the same roster (David Wells was obviously a key pickup, as was the callup of Khalil Greene) and are playing the underdog role, which has always been held dear to me for some unknown reason. The Astros went from non-factor to Cardinal killer and reinvigored the city of Houston (also increasing their chances of resigning god-send Carlos Beltran in the offseason, keeping him away from Darth Steinbrenner and his apprentice Darth Cashman.) The Giants have Barry Bonds, Ray Durham (now anyways) J.T. Snow (enjoy it while it lasts my defensively inclined friend) and um...they released Neifi Perez. The Cubs deserve to lose just for picking him up. That might not be fair, because Perez has been hitting (for him at least) in Chicago. I guess the Cubs deserve to lose more when they can't even use Perez as their excuse. I don't hate the Cubs at all, I just don't want a team that has spoiled as many chances as they have to win the Wild Card when so many other teams have gotten excited about their chances. In a perfect world, the Giants, Padres, and Astros will finish tied after Sunday's games. Why? For two sudden death playoff games of course! Very exciting baseball...if two of them are tied I'll be satisfied I guess, but I really want this to happen.

Note: I just noticed the Padres can't do it...they are three games out with two left to play :(
I am too lazy to sort through my previous text though, so just ignore it.

Watch as much of these games as you can this weekend, because that is what I am doing in between homework and such.

Local note, the Sox announced Schilling as the #1 starter...Wakefield's performance tonight (2 ER in 6 IP) earned him the 4th spot in the playoff rotation, and the Sox are waiting to see how Williamson's elbow feels before adding him to the Division Series roster. Wakefield will start game 3 or 4 of the Division Series.


i dont want to seem like a jackass but woody williams is starting for the cardinals in their first game vs the dodgers
Nice playoffs debate.

So who do think is the last Sox roster spot? Williamson or Yuke? Reese/Bellhorn could always move over to 3rd if Mueller goes down. I'd love to see Williamson back with alate relief arm, but not sure if he's ready. Like the Pinstripes and Brown, maybe 10-15 pitches from Scott is better than bench warming from Yuke.

What do you think?

Also, sad that Bonds won't be in post-season. He is exciting.

Dreidel Boy's Old Man
Youkilis should be on the roster, because the less I see of Pokey Reese the happier I become. If Mueller goes down and Reese has to start then we probably won't get any offensive production out of whatever position he's in, and sometimes all it takes is one hit to win one of those close games.

Ditto on the Bonds issue.

The Jackass comment, what are you talking about? I didn't mention the Cardinals starters.
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