Sunday, October 17, 2004



Clemens throws 7 innings...its 5-2 Astros....Lidge comes in: 1 hit, 5 k's, 2 IP. That is all I have to say.

Is this a news report?
turner-the great thing amid all of this commotion is that it is only getting better and more intense from here...theo is going to reward derek lowe for his wonderful outings this postseason not by resigning him but through letting him walk and sign with a team that will value him to the sum of more money and a fresh start where he can establish a new derek lowe, a man of confidence...i really feel like schilling gave lowe a kick-in-the-ass perspective on how he must be ready to pitch for each and every outing whether it be april or october and that will make all of the difference for him, i really hope this world series can serve as a turning point so that he can go elsewhere to for pedro i would love to see him stay with the sox but as theo has shown before he puts little thought into sentimental wieght in any situation just as he should being the manager of an expensive business, understanding that even as a 33 year old power pitch standing under six feet pedro still has to be considered one of the best pitchers in the game (i would love for marc to compile a list of available free agents this offseason) and chances are that he is going to be the best free agent pitcher on the market this winter, if some bozo gm is willing to throw more money than the red sox and are offering a 5 year plus deal i realize that theo is a rational man and will head in a different direction but still with the focus of putting a contending team on the field for 2005, i could really see pedro pitch in the national league where pitchers arent expected to go as long into the game as they are often lifted for pinch hitters in the same spirit that most great aging hitters will flee to the american league where the safe haven of the designated hitter rule awaits, if pedro could pitch in a warm weather climate with less innings to burden his right shoulder i feel he could greatly extend his hall of fame career and it is always a much easier transition as a pitcher switching from the american league with the relentless orders compared to the lull every ninth time up in the NL, i cannot see cabrera leaving boston next year as after years stuck in the iron age of baseball known as les expos and finally tasting victory in a baseball rabid town nothing outside of the all mighty dollar could take him from his position as nomars successor, the frieghtening prospect of the possibilty that we would have kept nomar till the end of the 2004 run and whos to really say it wouldnt have ended up the same with nomar or not but the big offseason target, the man who was going to replace nomar at shortstop was going to be edgar renteria...not too impressed by his performance over the four game sweep by the 1997 world champion marlin by that must be taken with only a grain of salt as basically no one showed up for the cards during the world series outside of a few doubles with nobody on by pujols and an inconsequential homer by walker and other than renteria all the sox had to look forward to at the shortstop position was minor league prospect hanley ramirez but unless they throw a box of miracle grow into his morning wheaties he wont be ready to start in the majors next season, how glad must theo feel to have signed ortiz up earlier this season..on a team where contract negotiations let alone extentions rarely occur during the season theo got ortiz to commit to an extension which is proving to be the best bargain in baseball where as if he hadnt signed during the season, it certainly wouldnt be out of the realm of possibility that ortiz could have commanded manny dollars from an embarrassed steinbrenner with the credo of if you cant beat them, buy goes without saying that varitek is a must sign this offseason, merrabelli had a tremendous season but is not ready to be the everyday catcher of a team in defense of its first world championship in eighty-six years next topic...the battles that will be waged this offseason against the redsox and yanks will have to be historic to top the inferno last years hot stove provided but with the two parties involved and after the last two years of baseball where the red sox actually came from down 0-3 to the yankees in new york to advance to the world series where they would win out with the longest postseason winning streak in the history of the game...nothing will ever surprise me again... i love you marc, this one is for the real fans of all ages, fuck the bandwagon
i read the parade on saturday will draw close to 5 million people (twice the population of massachusetts) but even greater will be opening day 2005 when the red sox unfurl the 2004 world series banner and open up as defending world series champions against the yankees who havent won the world series since y2k -jt happiest lil boy who ever lived right about now as of 11:38 last night
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