Saturday, October 16, 2004


I don't get it

Before, when I was talking about the Grady Little Managerial Award, I didn't realize people were trying to top his performance last year. This award could easily be renamed after a single season of existence, thanks to the hard work of Phil Garner. St. Louis is up on Garner 2-0...I say Garner because this is not the Astros series anymore. Garner has not done a single thing right so far this series. He has pulled pitchers after they should be pulled (Backe) and then brought in pitchers who shouldn't be on the playoff roster in a series against the Cardinals lineup, nevermind actually pitch. Garner can easily rebound from what he has done wrong, by pitching Brad Lidge. In the first series he used Lidge when he needed him, and not in the 9th so much. This series he hasn't even been using him in the 9th (yay Dan Miceli). If Garner had gone to Lidge in the first two games, these things may not have happened. I am not saying they would be up 2-0, but they would've split, and going home for three games with Clemens and Oswalt and Backe lined up to pitch, they easily could be up 3-2 going back to St. Louis. I really don't know what else to say besides use the best strikeout pitcher on your team in tough situations. Lidge posted the best K's per 9 IP ratio EVER in the National League this year, but for some reason Garner seems to have forgotten about that all of a sudden. Maybe Ron Gardenhire was feeling lonely at home and was afraid Tony La Russa wouldn't want to hang out with him if he lost, so Garner obliged being the nice guy that he is.

As for the Sox, the rain delay should give Pedro Game 5...if Lowe pitches I might cry...I know he'd have to pitch Game 6 in New York if Pedro pitches Game 5, but that is ok. Pedro and New York just don't mix, so if one of them is going to lose let it be Lowe (sorry Derek). Hopefully the Sox remember why they are here now that they are home and this turns into a series all of a sudden. Maybe this time we can lose Game 6 and win Game 7...its always the opposite. Curt Schilling bullpen session? Does anyone have any information on wouldn't show me the video they promised so now I am just sitting here wondering what is going on. Schilling in relief if possible would be slightly helpful if he can be effective (especially if he he can come in for D-Lowe if necessary...maybe Lowe will surprise us, it would be his last start before a new contract)

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