Tuesday, October 12, 2004


E Plerbus...

So I was trying to decide who I wanted to pick in this series, and I came to the only democratic solution I could think of, and I flipped a coin, but this coin didn't say E Plerbus Unum, there was no God there.


In Curt Schilling we trust. I'm not placing my complete faith in Curt Schilling (sacrifices a small llama to Curt Schilling), honest!

Alrite, we all go through this every year, the rise, the fall, the roller coaster of emotional heart break that is being a member of Red Sox nation (and may I say screw you to anyone who vomits on the coaster every year and stops the ride early to get off, you have no place on the coaster to begin with), why is it this year the coaster isn't stopping; we went down the first drop, through the first loop, and everyone held their own.

It really just seems like the year to be here, that this team has the drive, the will, that special, intangible something it takes to win in the playoffs. The vaunted Yankees staff looks about as threatening as a teletubby (and not that purple one, we know he's hardcore, we'll call him Mike Mussina) right now. Lieber has looked great, but it's not going to last, not even Yankee mystique can keep him great. Kevin Brown is well, he's Kevin Brown, and if he's not to hurt to pitch at the start of Game 3, I'm sure he'll pull something in his back or groin relatively early into the game. Do I even need to get into Vazques and Loaiza?
Meanwhile, the Red Sox are countering with the pressure on someone other than Pedro, someone who THRIVES in the playoffs when it's all on the line, his name is Curt Schilling, and he has been so throughly embraced by Red Sox nation, when I see his fastball graze the corner for a strike, it's like every Red Sox fan is out there helping frame it. Never has anyone in my lifetime been such a beacon of hope for the Red Sox. I look at Curt Schilling, and I just think we can win, he exudes confidence, and you know what he has on his finger going into Yankee Stadium for game 1 tonight, we'll call it his power ring, HE ALREADY HAS A WORLD SERIES RING. (In brightest day, in darkest night, no Yankee hitter shall escape my might, may those paid by George Steinbrenner cower in fright, RED SOX LANTERN LIGHT!) Sorry, comic book moment. So Schilling is your Game 1 starter, and he has not just a chance to win, we KNOW he can win. Pedro pitches game 2, and suddenly no one is looking to Pedro to be the ace, just to give the Sox a chance, and that, Pedro can do. Wakefield has been the bane of the Yankees all year, and Bronson Arroyo's cornrows seem to have taken on a Sampsonesque power.
The Red Sox are just clicking on all cylinders. Johnny Damon is leading this team offensively, from the first pitch every game, and it's been all smiles so far. Sure, we aren't going to sweep the Yankees, we don't have to, we just have to win 4 games. I'll ride in the car with Curt, Big Papi, Mannys afro, and Caveman Johnny anyday.

Here comes the big loop, the coaster is speeding up, and everyone is holding on tight, watch us from below Mom and Dad, this year, we're finishing the ride.

Pick- Schilling pitches 7 in a 5-3 Red Sox Victory.

This is why you don't make blatant predictions...
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