Monday, September 20, 2004


We Got a Problem

Here is the problem:

Oakland: 87-62
Minnesota: 87-62

As my buddy Andrew informed me late last night, Oakland and Minnesota are all tied up. Why is this bad? Well because it interferes with everything my and Kizner said the last 2 days. If Minnesota finishes the season with a better record than the Athletics, guess who the Red Sox face in the first round of the playoffs?

So if your a Sox fan, root for the A's for the rest of the season, hopefully they beat up on Anaheim(who is struggling just as bad if not worse than the A's in the last few weeks) in those 6 games they have left against each other.

Oakland's remaining schedule: 3 games @ Texas, 3 games @ Anaheim, 4 games versus Seattle, and 3 games against Anaheim. Of couse if Anaheim beats up on Oakland there is a good chance that Oakland won't even make the playoffs. Again though Anaheim isn't Minnesota, and their bullpen is the problem to face, not the starters. Beat up on Anaheim early and they really lose some advantages.

Minnesota has the division locked up, and their remaining schedule consists of: 3 @ Chicago, 4 @ Cleveland, 3 @ New York, and 3 versus Cleveland. If the Athletics continue to struggle then I guess Sox fans should hope for Minnesota to beat New York up in that series before the playoffs. The BoSox still have 3 games left against NY, and as the season series has taught us so far we have no idea what is going to happen. So it might come to the point where the division is important, no one is sure yet though.

WATCH FOOTBALL DAMNIT!!! haha, kidding, i agree with you, no need to be worried after the weekend series with the yankees, the sox will still win the wild card.

- sousa
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