Sunday, September 19, 2004


The NL Wild Card

This is my first blog at this site, so I thought I should take on an interesting current topic (even though I am sure no one will stumble upon it until it is ancient history.) The NL Wild Card race is the only exciting race left in baseball this year, as the Cardinals clinched last night, the Dodgers and Giants are close (but not that close) and the Braves look like they should lock up another N.L. East Title. The link at the bottom shows the Wild Card standings as of today, or whenever it is your looking at this.

The San Fransisco Barry Bondsians lead the Wild Card by half a game over the Chicago Cubs, who have fallen from the lead earlier this season. Houston is 1 game back, continuing their playoff surge. Poor San Diego is 3 games back, but they have 4 games left against the Giants. If the Cubs and Astros don't overtake the Giants while the Padres beat up on them (if they do) then the Pads may have a shot. They also have 3 games left against Los Angeles, who leads the division. The Padres are not even my favorite team out of this bunch, that honor (if it was one) would go to the Astros, who I have loved since childhood. But this year I said something along the lines of San Diego is a contender in the NL West or the Wild Card and was laughed at by someone who apparently does not know any better. Not to mention they have Brian Giles on their team, who after languishing in an underrated career in Pittsburgh has a shot at the playoffs. More attention to players like Giles, Mark Loretta, and Jake Peavey is a key thing for some sort of national spotlight (translated: $$$) for that team.

Loretta is having a career year, but it may become the norm for a few seasons until he hits his decline phase. He has never hit like this before (.340/.389/.504) but then again it is only his second season as a regular at one position. Baseball-Prospectus ran a great article on Loretta and Melvin Mora, another player having a career year who is enjoying his second full season at one position, and ran a history of other players to basically double their value over one season in their 30's compared to their other greatest season in their 20's.

So, aside from the fact that Brian Giles is one of my favorite players and Mark Loretta has been a fantasy staple for my team for 3 seasons now, why do I want San Diego to win? Why not? My only issue with the Padres taking the Wild Card is that the Giants would have to lose it, and I am too much of a Bonds fan to see him miss out on another oppurtunity to win a ring. I would easily change that opinion if my beloved Red Sox reached the Series against the Giants though.

hey marc this is turner...about brian giles, dont forget his promising start in cleveland where the likes of he and russell branyan were the young bashers during the indians string of al central division titles who after a short rebuilding period are back on the verge of contension in the weak central headed by the likes of travis haffner and ben broussard and on the san diego fathers dont forget my favorite 12 year old in the major leagues....kahil green and as much as the padres are a feel good overachieving underdog how about jimy williams best buddy from back down in atlanta bobby cox's braves...they have no right being in first place ahead of the world champion marlins and philadelphia phillies of course we have all become used to the braves winning the nl east making some of us baseball fans numb to the fact that in 2004 the atlanta braves were supposed to finish 3rd in their division at best but yet again some how with even maddux departed the braves are going to retain their dominance over the division...and how can you possibly be in support of barryd bonds, the guy is a complete fraud...just look at how UNHUMAN the numbers are, this guy is just a product of science and belittles the true record holders that came before him, the guy has the odasity to call boston a racist town without ever having been there? at least ted williams was an asshole prick who put up out of this world numbers by being an out of this world talent and not through taking advantage to the newest enhancing drug and thirty years from now when barry's body begins to fail him before his time due to his substance abuse during his "illustrious" career the real truth will be told as he will no longer have any accuse to hide the fact that he made a mockery of the games truly great players by breaking their records through being a complete fraud and disgrace to america's game
Hey Turner, I forgot that not everyone is as obsessed with Brian Giles as I...did I mention I named my new kitten Brian Giles? About his promising start in Cleveland, that city did not notice since they traded him straight up for Ricardo Rincon. I don't think I have to elaborate on the idiocy of that. If Bagwell for Anderson was mistake #1 for 1990's trades, Giles for Rincon has got to be at least 2 or 3.

Thanks to that Giles-Rincon trade the Sox did win the division series, since Rincon almost singlehandedly blew it for Oakland last season.

On Bonds, he's innocent until proven guilty, and if that occurs I will lose my respect for him as a player. I think that is fair enough.

Khalil Greene broke his finger, screwing with my fantasy hopes (my replacment shortstop went 0/4 in the deciding day of the series, I basically needed someone to go 2/5 to maybe win.) but he would be back in time for the playoffs if SD made it.

The Braves are in first thanks to Bobby might be because he doesn't destroy his pitchers careers like a certain 73 year old manager a little further south. As far as Philadelphia goes, they are from Philly and if the Eagles are going to succeed this year they need to fail...checks and balances my friend. Honestly I have no idea why the Phillies are losing (Larry Bowa), it really is a mystery why (Larry Bowa) they don't perform up to their expectations. Oh and Jimy Williams was fired from Houston awhile ago, I'm not sure if thats why you mentioned him.

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
marc give me
a little credit, i mentioned jimy because he was bobby cox's former bench coach because only jimy knew that a frog wouldnt bump its booty if it had wings speaking of jimy williams...what ever happened to dante bichete?
He retired because he realized .330 was never happening again
Um... Isn't the AL East Division race still interesting?
Just wondering.
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