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Marc's Season Awards...not that the season is over

AL Cy Young: Johan Santana...no arguments there. I just wanna throw in one little number I recently saw online: Santana has 200 K's since June when he got hot, and during that time he has only allowed 79 hits, which is for lack of a better word godlike.

Honorable Mention: Schilling, who has outpitched Mulder in the last quarter of the season, distancing himself from his only real competition.

NL Cy Young: I will say Randy Johnson, so there. If only people didn't only pay attention to wins, then guys like Phil Niekro on bad teams would've won more Cy Youngs with their league leading ERA's and IP's and K's and countless other statistics. You know, kind of like Johnson this year. I am amazed that he is still pitching well considering the amount of times he has 2-1 and
1-0 games that he has pitched so brilliantly. Also its not like Johnson's a kid compared to Clemens, considering there is a year separating them if that. One more thing: "I don't care if he's [Johnson] beating Clemens in every imaginable stat (which he pretty much is), Clemens is having the better year." If he is beating Clemens in every imaginable stat, than how is he having a better year? Since when has playoff standings mattered in how great a pitcher you are? I guess when you are actually voting for the Cy Young and you only look at wins or the last month of the season its ok to do so, but when hypothesizing or saying how it should be, don't be one of them.

Clemens: 18-4 / 3.00 ERA / 1.14 WHIP / 198 K's
Johnson: 14-13 /2.74 ERA / 0.87 WHIP / 268 K's

Basically, the Astros are winning the Cy Young if Clemens does. Clemens is having a spectacular year though...

AL MVP: Honestly, I do not know. It could be Manny Ramirez. It could be Gary Sheffield. As much as I detest NY having Sheffield, there is a reason that it bothers me. I think its that whole talent thing he has going on. Of course, the most productive player in the American League this year is Melvin Mora (.343/.423/.574; 26 HR's, 37 2B's), but who am I to talk about him over playoff bound players? Can't go wrong with any of those 3, not that Mora will get more than say 2 votes.

NL MVP: Adrian Beltre, Land of Mortals

NL MVP: Barry Bonds, Miniature Deity Division

The Giants were a two-man show for almost 5 months straight: Barry Bonds and Jason Schmidt.
As you can see in my last article, helpful is not the word to describe Jason at the moment. What have the Giants done since then? Moved up in the standings. Yeah, Adrian Beltre has hit a lot of homeruns this year and the Dodgers have an offense, I know. Bond's numbers are better than Beltre's, and he is not even allowed to do what he is capable of on an at bat to at bat basis. Mostly because back to back AB come as often as most comets. Kinda like a player with Bond's talent; this year is no exception. Plus Pujols is having as good or better a season than Beltre anyways.

By the way, the reason Bonds is walked all the time is because NO ONE EFFECTS THE GAME LIKE HE DOES. Teams do stop and think, hey maybe I can pitch to him, maybe he's lost a step, maybe....*looks back over their heads as fastball goes into stands*...ok nevermind, walk him next time. Bonds is walked for a reason. Mostly because he hit 73 homeruns in a season, and if they let him have as many at-bats as he did that year, that might not be the number he reaches but it sure as hell is going to top the 43 he has now. By the way, how do you hit 701 homeruns without some semblance of greatness? When Bonds hit his 100th career homerun, he was three years behind Hank Aaron's pace. Now he is 2 years ahead of it if I remember correctly. At least 2, maybe 3. With all of those walks in the last few years. Must I mention the fact that he is hitting .372 this year, with limited pitches to hit per week? And that he has struck out a grand total of 36 times this year? How about his worst month in May, where his OPS for the month (OBP + Slugging) totaled over 1.000? Emphasis on worst month of the year. There are 10 players in the entire majors with season OPS of over 1.000, and they are all considered among the game's elite. I think I can stop. If you want more on him be sure to comment.

AL Rookie of the Year: Bobby Crosby, no contest. Check out the guy producing for 6 figures at SS for the 1st place Athletics, saved them somewhere in the neighborhood of $11 million+ on Tejada.

NL Rookie of the Year: Take your pick, Khalil Greene or Jason Bay. Both with great stats, both missed a month of the season (Bay at the beginning, Greene now.) If the Padres win the Wild Card Greene will get the ROY.

hey marc this is johnboy T.,
NL CY: randy johnson doesn’t have a high win total but he does have a lot of decisions even though his record is around .500 that means he was able to keep his team in a ton of those tough (1-0) (2-1) losses and without big long sexson arizona has had a real tough time of getting runners across home plate

MVP HONORABLE MENTION: before last year melvin mora had never hit for a .300 ave. and has certainly never had the power numbers of this year, I think miguel tajada has really helped mora mature into the promising player he never was and the same case is true with adrian beltre: both are players breaking out of anonymity with monster ’04 years and in both cases as well neither have a realistic chance to win mvp due to barry bonds/sheffield, ramirez

AL ROY: bobby crosby is hands down the best rookie in the american league and in the process has somehow saved billy beane’s smartass money ball tactics once again, yes he saved his ass I refuse to admit that billy beane is smarter than anyone or his way works better than anyone i don’t care what the saber metrics people have to say its just a craze like the carbo cutting idiots, who five years ago would have believed that when you go to mcdonalds it would be the bun that was supposedly worse for you than the beef patty (anyone who values scott hatteburg over jason varitek loses my respect) in theo i will forever trust and a happy rash hashana as well
turner again, i dont know why i am thinking of this but remember jose cruz jr.'s hot start to his career in seattle alongside ken griffey jr. in that seattle mariner outfield, both men had great years at the plate that year and since then they find themselves on bad teams with even worse offensive numbers i was hoping you could look up the numbers and maybe discover what the hell happened to his career and man tampa bay the ultimate mlb graveyard...until crawford and baldeli where careers went to die...cruz jr., greg vaughn, jose conseco, wade boggs, travis lee, fred mcgriff, tino martinez, and man i forgot his name...he was roy with the athletics a few years back then went to tampa and sucked hard well marc if you can think of who the hell im trying to think of and tell me why jose cruz jr. has sucked (maybe he and griffey and starcrossed) id appriciate it man i bet none of what i just made sense but thats why you are the numbers guy and i just go by memory- you are the best
I am a sabermetrics guy lol and so is Theo...Beane's system for saying Hatteberg is valuable is quite intriguing if you ever read it in-depth...if you want me to tell you about it I will, I agree he is not as valuable as Varitek though, but still I'd like you to hear me out.

Anyways, the ROY of the year you are speaking of who Billy Beane disposed of because he knew his career was going to turn out like so was Ben Grieve. Grieve has always had plate patience and middling power, but he was going to turn out very expensive due to the conditions of the market, and when you aren't going to be keeping Jason Giambi types you can't afford Ben Grieve's who want the same kind of money for doing less. I think Damon was his roster replacement, just played CF instead of a corner OF position. Yes they had to deal with Terrence Long eventually, but at least they did not have to pay him squat (try and remember Beane's owners would not give him $125,000 more one season to trade for Rincon from the Indians, Beane even offered to pay for it himself, and they wouldn't let him) and Long has recently been traded for Mark Kotsay, whose numbers make him the best defensive CF this season. Grieve is on the Cubs this year by the way, filling in off the bench. His numbers aren't really much to rave about, and the plate patience apparently has gotten to be "overly picky" according to ESPN.com's player profile; in other words he is waiting for one pitch but isn't Wade Boggs. Grieve started the year with Milwaukee but continued to have an OPS in the .700's....yuck. I think Grieve was overglorified to begin with because there was really no one else for ROY besides Arroyo. Think of the difference between Jason Bay, Khalil Greene, and Bobby Crosby and Grieve. Even David Wright and Morneau of Minnesota v. Grieve. It's kinda scary the difference in talent between say this year and last year and 1997. Not that talent was at a minimum, that year just happened to suck.

As for Jose Cruz Jr., his problem is consistency. Except for a one year spike his average never really climbed out of the .260's or even the .250's. League average is .270, so that's not so hot. He does walk though...sometimes. His OBP jumps from the .350's to the .320's back up to the .360's and back down to the .330's. That is kind of alarming. Good example: last year he had 102 walks, his career high before that was 72 but the previous two seasons combined he only had 96. The power really was only there for 3 years as well: 31 homeruns in 2000 and 34 in 2001, but he only slugged .466 in 2000. He really is kind of a player who more was expected out of than I think he can really do, his career has alot of downside though. Now he is lost in the abyss that is Tropicana, where if your not under the age of 23 nobody likes you, and thats the way it should be there.

Here are his career stats if your interested:

Oh and as for players whose careers went to die, you forgot Vinny Castilla, who I have decided is basically useless even considering his Coors nummbers. I did an interesting study (well interesting to me anyways) on Coors and its effects and how much impact they really have and came out to some interesting points I didn't think I would. Like Castilla sucks. Someday I'll post it somewhere, probably as a link since its 11 pages.
Big whoops I just made, I said Arroyo....I meant Rolando Arrojo.
ahhh yes ben grieve..you once again come up big and i couldnt agree more with you om vinny castilla, the likes of adres galaraga, larry walker, and kind of bichette...have produced on other teams without the benefit of the thin air and also you made me feel bad...i totally forgot to mention my twinkie justin morneau for rookie of the year, the kid is gunna be good and i would love to see your report on the misleading coors stats
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